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BSOD while watching YT

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    BSOD while watching YT

    I've got new PC since last Sunday, and today got a BSOD. I got it when I was watching a film on Youtube. For example when i was playing LoL or GW2 it works fine. I think the reason could be a microphone which was plug in into front socket a few moments before BSOD. I wasn't plug in into front socket anything before.
    After BSOD PC restart and works fine till now. I'm watching YT and do not get ant BSOD, but I remove microphone.

    @EDIT: Ah I want to add one thing. The microphone is cheap, and it is a microphone + headphone, but it have 1 cable. Mmmm... I do not know how to explain this. It destiny is to using with phone. I hope you will understand what it means. My english isn't very well.

    I read an instruction so I attached a zip file. Please help

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    Hi czytelnik050 & Welcome to the forums ^_^,

    I have analysed your dump files and below has been provided an analysis of the same for informative purposes :-

    The video scheduler has detected that fatal violation has occurred. This resulted in a condition that video scheduler can no longer progress. Any other values after parameter 1 must be individually examined according to the subtype.
    0: kd> knL
     # Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
    00 fffff802`6dcf58a8 fffff800`6b0359ca nt!KeBugCheckEx
    01 fffff802`6dcf58b0 fffff800`6b0586c8 watchdog!WdLogEvent5_WdCriticalError+0xce
    02 fffff802`6dcf58f0 fffff800`6b04851e dxgmms1!VidSchiVerifyDriverReportedFenceId+0x7938
    03 fffff802`6dcf5920 fffff800`6b04822a dxgmms1!VidSchDdiNotifyInterruptWorker+0x2be
    04 fffff802`6dcf5980 fffff800`6aeb9a9e dxgmms1!VidSchDdiNotifyInterrupt+0x7a
    05 fffff802`6dcf59b0 fffff800`6b4b2783 dxgkrnl!DxgNotifyInterruptCB+0x6e
    06 fffff802`6dcf59e0 ffffe001`a8f8a120 atikmpag+0x3a783
    07 fffff802`6dcf59e8 ffffe001`adec0280 0xffffe001`a8f8a120
    08 fffff802`6dcf59f0 ffffe001`adebf3f0 0xffffe001`adec0280
    09 fffff802`6dcf59f8 00000000`00000000 0xffffe001`adebf3f0
    So, the Graphics Driver i.e. ATI Driver passed a wrong fence id to the DirectX and when DirectX verified it, it was bad and hence the system crashed. I would suggest you to uninstall the currently installed ATI Driver using the Display Driver Tool from this **LINK**. Once it has removed the drivers, reinstall the latest drivers from the ATI Website and see if the crashes persist or not.

    Let me know how it goes ^_^

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    Thanks for reply.
    Today I' ve got a BSOD again while watching YT, but It was before I delete driver and reinstall it.

    I done what you say. I delete driver using this tool, and after it system reboot. Nothing appears on monitor, so I shutdown PC and change to use Intel graphics on CPU. I download new driver and install it, and again change to use Radeon graphics card. Now its work properly, but yesterday after BSOD rest of the day PC works fine too.

    If BSOD appears again I will post on forum ASAP.
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    So now i do not get BSOD, but my PC freeze so I can not do anything. I have to restart it.
    Can you help me?
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    Hello again,
    Sorry for triple post but I wanna update info about my problem.
    So in Saturday my PC once got freeze. In event log it was a Warning Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP with Driver: USB\VID_0BB4&PID_0DD5&MI_00\6&284d159&0&0000
    I search in Google and it a driver to Android Devices. I have plug in my smartphone while i got freeze.

    Later in the same day AMD driver crashed. For a while i got only black on monitor but after a while everything works good.
    Yesterday I was playing for 2 hours LoL, 2 hours GW2 (max details) and nothing happens, PC was turn on all day. I was watching YT and surfing net. Nothing happened.

    Then I realize that everytime something was wrong with PC I was on YT or Spotify. This two are using Adobe Flash Player. So I google about Flash and BSOD, and there was solution about this. They were saying about disabled hardware acceleration. I changed to using HTML5 instead of Flash in YT too. Till now I do not get any errors, BSOD or freeze. I will post if something changes.
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    Hi czytelnik050 ^_^,

    Really sorry for the delayed response. Let me know in case you still face any problems. If you are still facing problems, kindly re run the Diagnostic Tool and upload a freshly generated ZIP file so that it could be analysed

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BSOD while watching YT
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