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BSOD Windows 8.1 Kernel Security Check Failure on Windows

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    Windows 8.1

    BSOD Windows 8.1 Kernel Security Check Failure on Windows

    hello everyone, today i had several bsod Kernel Security Check Failures in my windows 8.1 pc and i want your help..

    (i must say that i have all the ms updates done)

    i have attached the zip file

    thanks in advance

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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Are you using some kind of firewall or network monitoring software? Update drivers in red. Uninstall Gigabyte Charge driver.
    If you continue to experience crashes, enable Driver Verifier: Driver Verifier - BSOD related - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista - Sysnative Forums

    lv302a64.sys Sat Jul 26 17:06:31 2008  (488B3D77) 
    Logitech Camera driver 
    LVUSBS64.sys  Sat Jul 26 17:06:36 2008 (488B3D7C) 
    Logitech Camera driver 
    lvrs64.sys Sat  Jul 26 17:09:02 2008 (488B3E0E) 
    Logitech Camera driver 
    LV302V64.SYS Sat  Jul 26 17:09:08 2008 (488B3E14) 
    Logitech Camera driver 
    GEARAspiWDM.sys Thu May 3  21:56:17 2012 (4FA2E2E1) 
    CD-ROM Class Filter Driver by Gear  Software.[br]Also comes with iTunes 
    Rt630x64.sys Tue Jun 12  15:37:53 2012 (4FD74631) 
    Realtek PCI/PCIe Adapters 
    RTKVHD64.sys Tue Jun 19 10:50:56  2012 (4FE03D70) 
    Realtek High Definition Audio Function Driver 
    HECIx64.sys Tue Jul 3 00:14:58  2012 (4FF21D62) 
    Intel Management Engine Interface 
    AppleCharger.sys Thu Oct 25 02:51:02 2012 (50888CF6)  
    GIGABYTE On/Off Charge driver. See here for details - [br] May cause BSOD on Win7/8 systems - uninstall to test (haven't seen  recently (15Jan2013)) 
    em015_64.dat Fri Mar 1  14:27:56 2013 (5130ACDC) 
    em015_64.dat - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as  of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information  is needed. 
    intelppm.sys Thu Aug 22 10:46:35 2013 (5215CFEB)  
    Intel Processor driver 
    dump_storahci.sys Thu Aug 22  13:40:39 2013 (5215F8B7) 
    driver created to provide disk access during crash  dump file generation 
    point64.sys Thu Dec 12  14:16:17 2013 (52A9B721) 
    Microsoft IntelliPoint Filter Driver 
    iwdbus.sys Thu Mar 13 22:59:14  2014 (53222A32) 
    Intel WIDI Bus Enumerator driver[br]Related to Intel Widi -  Wireless Display 
    edevmon.sys Fri Jul 18 15:11:31  2014 (53C91D03) 
    ESET Smart Security Devmon Monitor driver 
    ehdrv.sys Fri Jul 18 15:11:50 2014  (53C91D16) 
    EpfwLWF.sys Fri Jul 18 15:12:56 2014  (53C91D58) 
    ESET ESS/NOD32 driver 
    epfw.sys Fri Jul 18 15:13:06 2014  (53C91D62) 
    eamonm.sys Thu Jul 31 14:59:02 2014  (53DA3D96) 
    ESET Amon driver 
    epfwwfp.sys Thu Sep 11 18:06:07  2014 (5411C86F) 
    ESET Personal Firewall Driver 
    igdkmd64.sys Fri Sep 26 15:42:04  2014 (54256D2C) 
    Intel Graphics driver 
    em008_64.dat Fri Dec 19 08:37:07  2014 (5493D5A3) 
    ESET Smart Security 
    em018_64.dat Tue Feb 3 09:17:56  2015 (54D08434) 
    ESET Smart Security 
    em006_64.dat Mon Feb 9 14:21:38  2015 (54D8B462) 
    ESET Smart Security 
    Debug session time: Mon  Feb 16 13:35:16.253 2015 (UTC + 1:00) 
    Loading Dump File  [C:\Users\Mihael\SysnativeBSODApps\021615-56187-01.dmp] 
    Built by:  9600.17630.amd64fre.winblue_r7.150109-2022 
    System Uptime: 0 days 3:59:55.105  
    Probably caused by : NETIO.SYS ( NETIO!NsiGetParameterEx+222 ) 
    BugCheck  139, {3, ffffd000ece60310, ffffd000ece60268, 0} 
    Bugcheck code 00000139 
    Arg1: 0000000000000003,  A LIST_ENTRY has been corrupted (i.e. double remove). 
    Arg2:  ffffd000ece60310, Address of the trap frame for the exception that caused the  bugcheck 
    Arg3: ffffd000ece60268, Address of the exception record for the  exception that caused the bugcheck 
    Arg4: 0000000000000000, Reserved  
    BUGCHECK_STR: 0x139 
    PROCESS_NAME: svchost.exe 
    FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  0x139_3_NETIO!NsiGetParameterEx  
    --- E O J --- 2015 Feb 16 16:03:00 PM _88-dbug Copyright  2012 Sysnative Forums 
    --- E O J --- 2015 Feb 16 16:03:00 PM _88-dbug  Copyright 2012 Sysnative Forums 
    --- E O J --- 2015 Feb 16 16:03:00 PM  _88-dbug Copyright 2012 Sysnative Forums
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    Windows 8.1

    thnx man, i appreciate for your replay

    my web camera's drivers were old...
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BSOD Windows 8.1 Kernel Security Check Failure on Windows
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