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Win 8.1 failed to start, file \boot\bcd, Status 0xc000000f

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    Win 8.1 failed to start, file \boot\bcd, Status 0xc000000f

    Hi guys I got a samsung np355v5c laptop for my son, I've got the same laptop also and was just setting it up for him when it restarted and came up with the following error. It is running windows 8.1 and didn't come with any disk. I was installing samsung recovery tool before it failed, and it came up with a box saying there was no recovery patition on the computer would i like to restart and try again. it was then that it came up with the following.

    "The Boot Configuration Data for your PC is missing or contains errors"
    File: \boot\BCD
    Status: 0xc000000f

    So as neither laptop came with installation disks I have started to download installation media from
    Creating installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

    To be honest Im not sure what my next step will be when it finishes downloading?

    So looking for help and here seemed the logical place to start

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    Open the Command Prompt when the Installation DVD Loads and type the following commands.
    chkdsk /r c:
    chkdsk /r d:
    chkdsk /r e:
    chkdsk /r f:
    .etc until you get the message that the volume could not be opened for direct access. For any drives that do not give the message:
    "Windows has checked the file system and found no problems"
    run chkdsk again as above. In other words, if it says:
    "Windows has made corrections to the file system"
    after running the disk check, run the disk check again.

    I realize you may only have one disk show up in Windows explorer, but you may have more than one disk through recovery options. This is because the system creates a hidden boot partition (which will be C: in recovery), you may have a recovery partition for your PC that is hidden (which will be D: in recovery), and you will have your primary Windows partition (which may be E: in recovery). A custom PC will likely have at least C: and D: to scan.

    But first try fixing the BCD because it's likely damaged: Repair Windows BCD
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    Hi and thanks for your reply. I did what you asked and c: needed two passes with chkdsk before it passed without errors. As you suggested there are 2 other partitions on the hard disk both are error free, though one is fat32 rather than NTFS.

    I've tried following the instructions to delete and recreate the BCD but failed at the first hurdle, there is no boot folder when I typed dir /AHS there are only 5 files and 4 dirs listed

    The files are, bootmgr, bootnxt, hiberfil.SYS, pagefile.SYS & swapfile.SYS
    The dir's are $recycle.bin, <junction> documents and settings, recovery & system volume information.

    There is a folder called "boot" in side windows folder but no BCD folder so I'm stuck, if you could please help further I'd be grateful. Its 5am here so I've off to sleep for a few hours but will be back later.
    Thanks in advance
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    Boot is still unsuccessful?
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    Yes it just says the same
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    After the list vol command I have the following

    Volume 0 ltr F DVD
    Volume 1 ltr E NTFS partition 100 mb healthy
    Volume 2 ltr C NTFS partition 297gb healthy
    Volume 3 ltr D fat32 removable 7632mb healthy

    So am I correct in thinking that I should be doing the rest of the commands on volume 1 E:
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    okay, so I exited diskpart and then entered cd /d E:\Boot\, which then gave me a command prompt of
    I was able to do both

    1. bootrec /fixboot
    2. bootrec /fixmbr

    successfully however it said bootrec /rebuildmbr wasn't a recognised command, so i exited, shut down the laptop, removed the usb disk and tried to boot up normally.
    Unfortunately there is no change
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    Put the MBR where you'll install Windows.
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    doing what was asked,

    bootrec /FixMbr
    bootrec /FixBoot
    bootrec /ScanOs
    All completed successfully

    bootrec /RebuildBcd
    It then said "Scanning all disks for windows installations, Successfully scanned windows installations, Total idenified Windows installations: 1
    [1] C:\Windows
    Add installation to boot list? I selected Yes
    it then said the requested device cannot be found
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Win 8.1 failed to start, file \boot\bcd, Status 0xc000000f
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