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Freezes on startup, software/driver installation

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    Freezes on startup, software/driver installation


    Around one year ago i installed Windows 8.1 N on my PC, after installing drivers and other software my PC started freezing on startup - my screen was frozen, i couldn't move my mouse i couldn't even turn off my PC with button on the case, the only thing i could do is restarting it. I noticed it's becouse of the Samsung Magican(Samsungs SSD software) which was last software that i installed, so i uninstalled it in the safe mode and everything worked fine, after few days i wanted to install something else(don't remember what) and had the same problem but occuring while installation. At this point i gave up and went back to Windows 7 that never had those issues.

    Today i decided to give Windows 8.1 a try again, this time it was regular Windows 8.1 Professional. I installed OS without any problems, updated windows few times and than i started to install drivers/software. When i was installing LAN drivers to my mobo my PC frozen, so i restarted it and remembered that i had this issue while installing Samsung Magican. therefore i started installing it and had freeze again but this time during installation. After rebooting my PC froze again, so i rebooted PC in safemod and uinstalled it. After that everything was fine(exactly the same story as one year ago) then i wanted to install other things - downloaded newest drivers for my graphic cards, and during installation at the moment when screen goes black my PC froze again. After that i tried to install it again 3 times and freezes seems to appear always at the same point of the installation. I have no idea how to fix it and at the only thing i can do is kindly ask you guys for help.

    Thanks in advance and i'm very sorry for my english.

    My PC specs:
    Mobo: Asrock Z87 Extreme4
    CPU: i5 4670k
    GPU:MSI Radeon R9 270
    Ram: 2x 4gb crucial ballistix
    PSU: XFX Pro 550W
    HD: SSD Samsung 830 128gb

    PS: Between first installation and todays one i changed graphic card and ram
    PS2: My first thought was its PSU problem since i heard that windows 8 uses different voltages for sleep mode or something like that and all i know is that my PSU is not Windows 8 compatibile.

    Edit: I just remembered, that while i was installing drivers for my old GPU(Nvidia one) i had same problem, and it was also appearing during installation at the moment when your screen goes black, and after a sec or so goes normal again. Also it seems that when i install drivers from my mobo box i have no freeze problem
    Edit2: I also managed to install catalyst drivers from the box. It seems like those issues occur when i try to install something downloaded or newer version.
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    Hi blaksmif & Welcome to the forums ^_^,

    Kindly follow the below post and upload the ZIP file in your next post -
    Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

    Also, does your system still hang if you install the drivers provided with your GPU? Is the firmware of the SSD updated?

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Freezes on startup, software/driver installation
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