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New computer BSOD-ing with ntoskrnl.exe

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    Windows 8.1

    New computer BSOD-ing with ntoskrnl.exe

    I just recently built a new computer and while setting it up with the usual software (chrome, evernote, word, etc) it began crashing regularly especially with Chrome. Chrome constantly runs out of memory (he's dead, jim error) and the OS (windows 8.1) produces a memory_management error with my minidump files finishing with a mention of ntoskrnl.exe being the problem.

    The most consistent way to crash the computer is by opening 31 tabs in Chrome at once (webcomics folder) which will begin to load them, freeze, and crash.

    While overloading Chrome is consistent in crashing, the system has crashed occasionally while doing other things such as installing software and attempting to figure out the crashes. Firefox does not seem to crash the system under the 31 tabs but it may have crashed once or twice.

    After reading several other posts about similar problems, I've done the suggested tips:
    -I've run memtest86 which produced no problems in the RAM (4 passes)
    -windows memory diagnostic which produced no problems
    -sfc /scannow which produced no problems
    -run 3DPchip and 3DPnet to update all my drivers (it updated a few from my manufacturer's drivers from the site, asus Z97-a MB)
    -remove all ASUS bloatware and turn on XMP in my bios (latest version)

    My computer is a fresh build (aside from general software) so all my information is backed up and I'm not opposed to a reformat and re-install of windows 8.1 though I'd prefer to avoid that timesink.

    My diagnostic info is uploaded here for y'all.

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    Update: I updated a few minor drivers that I had missed from 3DPchip but the chrome overload test of mine (31 tabs) still crashed the system.

    It then occurred to me that my new desktop was still on the floor on top of carpet which was likely impeding the airflow into my PSU. After putting the box on my desk, my overload test loads all of the tabs fully with no issues (no dead jims). I'll add another post if problems persist but the stability seems to fixed itself out. Win!

    TL;DR: I'm a moron, put your desktop on a flat non-carpeted surface.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    I'm sorry for the delay in responding.
    Do you still need help with this, or did moving the desktop to a flat non-carpeted surface fix it?
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    Ah, it turned out that moving from carpet to wood (desktop) did not quite fix the problem, though it certainly helped stability a little bit. I ran the memtest86x at 8 passes (instead of 4 prior) and left it running overnight and go figure, several errors popped up. I borrowed a RAM stick from a friend of mine who uses the same RAM that I was attempting to and I have no crashed once since then.

    Guess it was the RAM after all and I just didn't quite push the memtest long enough. I think the errors didn't show up until the 5th pass or something around there. I'm 99.9% positive the computer will stay stable as it has easily pushed through whatever I toss at it without failure so I'll mark this thread as solved.

    Thank you for responding!
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Thanks for letting us know!
    Should the problem return, just post back in this topic and I'll get an email about it.
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New computer BSOD-ing with ntoskrnl.exe
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