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BSOD starting with games but now more often

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    I think I was a bit too harsh with my last post, and I would like to apologize for that. I was feeling frustrated and instead of cooling down as I usually do, I just posted it right away.

    I've done the SeaTools long generic test (though I notice I misspelled it in the OP), but it didn't come up with anything, which made me think it may be something else. But now I suppose it is the hard drive going bonkers. Thank you both for commenting.

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    I'm sorry I missed your post. We are were focusing on driver because these files you mention are the system files and not the cause of your issue Mysers analysed it even deeper than myself and got to the conclusion that the HD is failing. I'd suggest scanning it with HD Tune and posting SS of the Health and Error scan tab.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psychosis View Post
    I do have a question. Why are we focusing on those drivers you have highlighted in red and Asus software when these seem to indicate a problem with ntoskrnl.exe and ntdll.sys ?
    To answer your question..

    ntdll.dll is a special system support library for dynamic link libraries.
    It exposes entry points for the Windows system services, (or native API). Most of which are callable from User Mode by using the Windows API, some of which are not, and only used by the operating system. Most Windows system services are undocumented, and therefore must be called by the Windows API. The native API is used primarly for applications in user mode that aren't supported by the Windows API, this is due to the boot time of the applications. The Windows API is exported through csrss.exe, the Client/Server Runtime Subsystem; this application is executed by the session manager, which both have to use the native API as the Windows API hasn't been initiated yet.

    ntoskrnl.exe is the Windows Kernel system image; this is split into two parts, the Windows Executive (Upper part) and the Windows Kernel (Lower part).
    There is a lot to cover with the Windows Kernel, I won't go into much detail as it is a very lengthy subject.

    The Windows Executive contains the Windows system services, which are callable from user mode, and exported through ntdll.dll. These services are callable through the Windows API, or any other Windows environment subsystem APIs (such as POSIX and OS/2).

    Callable functions from Kernel mode which are documented in the WDK, functions that start with the Ke prefix.
    Callable functions from Kernel mode which are undocumented.
    Internal support fuctions such as ones that begin with Mi (memory internal) and Iop (Internal Input Output)
    As well as major components, including managers.
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BSOD starting with games but now more often
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