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BSOD error 0x00000124

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    BSOD error 0x00000124

    I am getting BSOD error.

    Error Code: 0x00000124 (0x0000000000000000, 0xffffe0003bd72038, 0x00000000fe200000, 0x0000000000041136).

    Please mention the reason which is causing this. And how can I troubleshoot it?

    Here is the attachment:- Attachment 55676


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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    One lone memory dump from almost 2 months ago really doesn't give us much of a clue. If the system is still BSOD'ing, and dumps aren't being created, then another problem also exists.

    Please provide this information so we can provide a complete analysis (from the Pinned Topic at the top of the forum):
    Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions

    STOP 0x124 errors (like yours) are usually caused by hardware or low-level driver problems. Here's my canned speech about that:
    This error code is usually symptomatic of a lower level problem within the system. They are usually caused by one of these things:
    - borked (broken) hardware (several different procedures used to isolate the problem device)
    - BIOS issues (check for updates at the motherboard manufacturer's website)
    - overclocking/overheating - You'll know if you're overclocking or not. If uncertain we can suggest things to check.
    - dirt/dust/hair/fur/crud inside the case. Blow out the case/vents with canned air (DO NOT use an air compressor or vacuum as they can cause damage to the system)
    - missing Windows Updates
    - compatibility issues (3rd party hardware/drivers), older systems, or even pirated systems
    - low-level driver problems
    - or even malware (scanned for when we ask for hardware diagnostics from Initial Hardware Diagnostics or Hardware Diagnostics ).

    Please get a head start on the hardware diagnostics - they are located here: Hardware Diagnostics
    Please update these older drivers. Links are included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable to find an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for that driver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the system unbootable! :

    HECIx64.sys Tue Oct 19 19:33:43 2010 (4CBE2AD7)
    Intel Management Engine Interface

    Beyond this, as there was only 1 memory dump in the upload, I have these 4 suggestions:
    1. Get ALL available Windows Updates. It may take several trips to get them all
    2. Get ALL available, Win8.1 compatible updates from the manufacturer's website.
    3. Start with these free hardware diagnostics: Hardware Diagnostics
    4. If all of the hardware tests pass, then run Driver Verifier according to these instructions:

    The following is for informational purposes only.
    **************************Tue Oct 28 10:18:09.163 2014 (UTC - 5:00)**************************
    Loading Dump File [C:\Users\John\SysnativeBSODApps\102814-27234-01.dmp]
    Windows 8 Kernel Version 9600 MP (2 procs) Free x64
    Built by: 9600.17085.amd64fre.winblue_gdr.140330-1035
    System Uptime:1 days 11:56:21.903
    Probably caused by :GenuineIntel
    BugCheck 124, {0, ffffe0003bd72038, fe200000, 41136}
    Arg1: 0000000000000000, Machine Check Exception
    Arg2: ffffe0003bd72038, Address of the WHEA_ERROR_RECORD structure.
    Arg3: 00000000fe200000, High order 32-bits of the MCi_STATUS value.
    Arg4: 0000000000041136, Low order 32-bits of the MCi_STATUS value.
    BUGCHECK_STR:  0x124_GenuineIntel
    PROCESS_NAME:  mscorsvw.exe
    CPUID:        "Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2020 @ 2.90GHz"
    MaxSpeed:     2900
    CurrentSpeed: 2893
      BIOS Version                  BFH6110H.86A.0009.2013.0715.1155
      BIOS Release Date             07/15/2013
      Product Name                                                   
    3rd Party Drivers:
    The following is for information purposes only.
    Any drivers in red should be updated or removed from your system. And should have been discussed in the body of my post.
    **************************Tue Oct 28 10:18:09.163 2014 (UTC - 5:00)**************************
    HECIx64.sys                 Tue Oct 19 19:33:43 2010 (4CBE2AD7)
    lvrs64.sys                  Mon Oct 22 22:11:24 2012 (5085FCCC)
    lvuvc64.sys                 Mon Oct 22 22:12:08 2012 (5085FCF8)
    Rt630x64.sys                Fri May 10 05:59:08 2013 (518CC4EC)
    intelppm.sys                Thu Aug 22 04:46:35 2013 (5215CFEB)
    iwdbus.sys                  Thu Mar 13 17:59:14 2014 (53222A32)
    igdkmd64.sys                Sat May 17 00:17:35 2014 (5376E2DF)
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BSOD error 0x00000124
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