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Ok but is it good to run stress test on my CPU in 2 hours? i have a good cooler, have extra fans, all fan speed set at maximum but i'm still afraid that something can goes wrong with my computer or my hardwares while testing.
The stress tests are there to stress test the CPU so that if there are any major errors, those could be found fast. A stress test is nothing but a set of calculations which the processor is asked to do. If you follow the instructions properly and monitor the temperatures (If you go above 90 degree Celsius, stop the test and report back). A stress test should not be done when no one is around.

And like the gentleman Mysers Briggs above has mentioned, with a 0x124, we need multiple dump files to see the pattern and determine the possible causes

I hope this clears up the suspicion. If you are still getting crashes, I would suggest you to re-run the Diagnostic Tool and attach a freshly generated ZIP file so that the latest dump files could be analysed.