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(BSOD) 0xc000021a, unable to boot

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    (BSOD) 0xc000021a, unable to boot

    I would like to say I'm sorry in advance. I'm unable to use the required programs to neatly bundle and zip the crashlogs. This is my only computer in the house at the moment and I'm am only able to write this from a live usb of Unbutu I flashed at university. As the title suggests, I can't boot into my laptop to run the programs so I have no other means of presenting the info. I was only able to get the logs, again, by using the live USB and digging through the HDD. (It's not letting me install WINE either)

    As for the actual problem itself, I have no idea what to do. It bluescreened randomly yesterday and never let me back on. It lets me on the automatic repair tool (which does nothing) and the command prompt. I ran chkdsk and memory dio and both came up clean. BIOS works no problem. I tried disabling signatures and it still crashes on restart. I honestly don't think it's a hardware problem at this point, but I could be wrong.

    Any help would be appreciated. If there's more than just the minidump that needs to be included please tell me.


    Quick edit: These seem to be the dumps for the initial few bluescreens. If I recall correctly, it was a Kernal_inpage error that kicked off this whole mess. It seems to not be creating new dumps each time I get that weird hex-looking error (0xc000021a) each time I try to boot up. I can only tell by the filename, since it says December 1st on the dump and I've gone through more than a few bluescreens on the 2nd.

    Another edit: This is an older version of one of those zip files I created about two years back for an issue I had with McAfee drivers (which was solved). It's the same laptop, so some info in here may be helpful.
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    Okay so I think I was able to sort of narrow down the issue. It seems to be something graphics card related and there may be driver issues with Direct X. I have Intel Integrated 4000 on my laptop.

    Still, it doesn't let me boot so there's no way I can get in there and fix anything (and I don't even know if that's the correct issue that needs fixing),
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    I was just skimming through the unanswered posts and noticed this.
    Do you still need help with this problem?
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(BSOD) 0xc000021a, unable to boot
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