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ntoskrnl.exe random bsods

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    I can confirm that memory appears to be the issue. Please identify the damaged RAM and replace it. If then BSODs, are still present, contact me for further troubleshooting.

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    This is most confusing..
    I just did a single 4G stick at a time, 2 passes, testing all in the same slot #1. No errors detected.
    Then I figured it must be a ram slot that's bad so I swapped one of the sticks in all the other slots for one pass. Still no errors.
    Then I returned all the ram the same way it was in before, started memtest #5 on the addresses 16G to 17G and guess what, errors appeared! I'm still kinda confused about this errors on 17G when I have 16GB of ram, could that be a false positive then?
    In next couple of days I', going to test single stick at a time, single GB at a time, with test #5 for a few passes and on all of the mobo slots. If that doesn't show anything I don't know how else to test. It's going to take some time tho..
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    Sorry for butting in here, but I think a bit of an explanation is needed here.

    A memory test (such as MemTest) is a software test of a hardware component. It is not designed for, nor is it able to test every single possible combination of circumstances that will generate an error on an individual system. Despite this, it still does a darned good job at ferreting out most errors.

    Also, making sure that you run the tests long enough is a requirement. I suggest a minimum of 3 passes, but others will suggest 5, 7 or even more. I've run MemTest86+ over the weekend (60+ passes) and only detected one error on that machine - so it may be necessary to run the tests longer in order to see if there are random errors popping up.

    I've found that also running Prime95 (using it's Blend test) will stress the RAM in different ways - and, at times, it will generate errors when none are seen in MemTest.

    Addresses are different from your RAM capacity. One can assign many more addresses than there is physical RAM - this is the reason that we have virtual memory. Then the contents of the different addresses are swapped out (hence the name - swapfile) as needed into the physical memory (RAM).

    Finally, what are the makes/model numbers of the different sticks? Are they compatible with each other?
    Have you tested the Memory Controller (on the CPU for the AMD Phenom2 x6 1090T) or the CPU itself? Prime 95's tests (Small FFT and Large FFT) can help to test those - and there are different CPU stress tests that will help test the CPU.
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    Thank you for your explanation of RAM capacity and addresses!
    Since the last time I wrote I have decided to test RAM sticks by pulling one out and just using PC, waiting for something to happen. I know it's not really a good way to test but I haven't got much time for more systematic testing.. Since then nothing crashed so I plan to test just that RAM stick and slot more in depth (along testing others, as time allows). Will also use Prime95 as you recommended.

    And yes, it was a 4x4GB Corsair Vengeance kit, so everything should work together just fine. (CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9)
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    Ok I finally managed to test everything and found the RAM stick that was bad. Thanks for your help guys!
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ntoskrnl.exe random bsods
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