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Computer freezes

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    Computer freezes

    I recently had to rebuild my BF's PC after he dropped tea all over it. (I built it 4 months earlier)
    After the Incident displays wouldn't work replacing the PSU and motherboard fixed that so now it starts. One beep at the beginning and then a few seconds into running it freezes I can not enter bios and if I do somehow manage it it freezes.
    I have tried one ram at a time, removing bits at a time, rebuilding, cmos jumping (?) Taking the battery out and even replacing with the old one since this was the same board I didn't think it would matter.
    I have spent hours trying to fix it now and now joy just when I think it's working freeze time.
    I have tried unplugging all externals, tried to get it to boot from cd but it still freezes. What am I missing?

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    If it was running at the time of spill I wouldn't have high hopes for that MB. If that tea had sugar, cream or lemon in it, it could be even worse. I repaired couple of laptops by taking out MB, washing it with distilled water and alcohol mixture using a soft paint brush and let them dry in the sun for couple of days. Since you did everything else, there's nothing to loose trying that.
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Computer freezes
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