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Black Screen - After Power-on Self-Test loads

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    Black Screen - After Power-on Self-Test loads [POST]

    As The Title says, a Black screen shows up after power on self test loads, The black screen would take 20 seconds before it disappear and loads the windows metro, i tried using the sf debug tool for fixing BSOD crashes but it didn't work.

    Need Help.
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    Sorry, I didn't get you. Do you have a Dump file you can provide me with?
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    I didn't have any dump file or any error, just black screen that last for 20 seconds before windows loads, i fixed it by reinstalling my pc and all the drivers but i'm still worried it might happen again, so..... im still finding a fix for it.
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    Black screens are a terrible thing to try and fix. At work we try System Restore (make sure that you set a System Restore Point). If that doesn't work, then we usually wipe the system and reinstall Windows.

    Other things to do:
    - make another user account (so you try it if the other account locks up).
    - backup your data on a regular basis (so you don't lose anything if you can't recover from the black screen)
    - get ALL Windows Updates
    - update ALL drivers from the manufacturer's website
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Black Screen - After Power-on Self-Test loads
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