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BSOD "PNF_List_Corrupt". Asus Win 8.1

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    BSOD "PNF_List_Corrupt". Asus Win 8.1

    Hi all,

    This just happened. I've been having alot of trouble recently with my network wireless adapter (or so troubleshooter tells me) and the internet. So I tried doing a command prompt that I read on another forum and worked for my mom's laptop. Which was running as administrator "netsh winsock reset". The prompt was completed and asked me to restart my computer. When I went to do that...BSOD with the "PNF_List_Corrupt" statement. Please help. I know I probably shoudn't have decided to randomly try to fix my adapter issue with some method of which I don't fully understand , but I've learned my lesson! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Attached is the SF debug file. .

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    Expected Frequency: 2000 
    Actual Frequency: 2494 
    Overclock Ratio: 1.247
    I suggest unclocking this overclock. Overclocking is a big cause of BSODs.

    Probably caused by :memory_corruption
    I suggest running a RAM - Test with Memtest86+ - Windows 7 Help Forums

    {Post back results.

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    Thank you for your suggestions. How do I unclock that overclock? And will post back with results.
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    You will need to get into your BIOS, and reset all the setting to default.
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    I'm sorry to sound so inept but is there a thread or link you can send me to help me walk through that process? I've never sent with my BIOS before. 😓
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    No problem,

    Try this:

    If this doesn't work, let me know.
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    Thanks a bunches! 😊
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winniekao View Post
    Thanks a bunches! ��
    It's What I do!
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    so...i followed the instructions on the site you gave me but after i selected the "troubleshoot" option, it never took me to advanced options. it directly took me to "Reset your pc". Is this where I'm suppose to go?


    update... nevermind...i figured it out and i chose and saved the option of restore to default.

    will update result of ram test in a bit.
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    so...big problem now...
    i finished the BIOS reset, downloaded the RAM test..and when I went to restart I noticed that it didn't boot from the I followed the instruction and tried to go back to the BIOS page. However, after I checked advanced options and "troubleshoot" on the pc stopped functioning for about a minute or two and then now all it shows is a dark blue screen with a thick black line in the middle....i tried to take a picture but given how reflective computer screens are, didn't do much good....then after about another started to reset my pc....i panicked (really bad i know) and i just manually shut off my pc. don't kill me! Anyways, i turned it back on, it restarted back to my usual desktop.

    my question is this point, with all this weirdness happening, do yo think i should just reset or reinstall or...something of that nature with my pc? or try again to go into the bios window so i can change the boot up to the usb drive for the RAM test?

    sorry about the panicked noobie move.
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BSOD "PNF_List_Corrupt". Asus Win 8.1
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