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BSODs playing games or Youtube after Windows 8.1 update

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    BSODs playing games or Youtube after Windows 8.1 update


    I have this Asus UX302la Ultrabook and I get various blue screens. They happen when playing games (Hearthstone, Octodad, Civ5) or watching Youtube videos. They are random, but almost guaranteed to happen the those situations.

    Most of the BSODs have ntoskrnl.exe involved. The error messages are pretty random, some off the top of my head: IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION, Kernel_security_check_failure (something like that), and more.

    As far as I know, there were no BSODs on Windows 8, and the BSODs occur only after I updated to Windows 8.1.
    The laptop came with Windows 8, and I do not remember getting any BSODs while it was still running 8, though I am not certain (This is my GFs laptop, and she never got any BSODs when she first got it, but she also doesn't do much gaming).

    Recently, because of all the BSODs, I did a fresh reinstall of Windows 8, and tested it by playing 4+ hours of Youtube videos, and 3+ hours of Hearthstone. I received no BSODs.
    The only things I installed after Windows 8 reinstall: the wifi card drivers, Client, Hearthstone.
    I then updated to 8.1, and afterwards installing only the touch-pad drivers, Speccy, Steam, and the game Prison Architect on Steam.

    This takes me here, where I received a BSOD while playing Prison Architect. The message was: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. BlueScreenView has hal.dll and ntoskrnl.dll highlighted.

    Any help or insight would be appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Edit: I'm fairly certain my temps are OK, and this is a laptop so there was no overclocking or anything. The BIOS was updated in the past, it is on version 209.

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    BugCheck 124, {0, ffffe0016d4d9028, be000000, 801136} 
    Processor may be overclocked! 
    Expected Frequency: 1600 
    Actual Frequency: 2295
    Bugcheck 124 is an hardware error. And overclocking the CPU is a very likely cause of this BSOD. Reset the settings to standard.

    Also make sure you get all the latest updates for Windows through Windows Update.
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    Hi HonorGamer,

    Thanks for replying.

    There has been no overclocking done on this machine as far as I know, unless it was overclocked before we bought it.

    Can you tell me how to check/make sure? Or otherwise, can you tell me how to unclock a potentially overclocked machine?

    Thank you,
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    You will need to access the BIOS, and go into the settings, How To Access The BIOS On A Windows 8 Computer

    There is step by step with pictures to make everything less confusing.

    Hope this helps.
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    Windows 8.1

    Hi HonorGamer,

    I looked through the BIOS, it's fairly basic, as this is a laptop. I don't see any settings in regards to overclocking, let alone the CPU.

    Thank you,
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    Let's checking the hardware then:

    BugCheck 0x124

    You have a 0x124 hardware bugcheck. If the system is still under warranty, I would recommend sending it in to have diagnostic tests done and any bad hardware replaced.

    warning   Warning
    Before you proceed with the following, answer these two questions: Are you still under warranty? Does your warranty allow you to open up the machine to check hardware? If you are unsure of the answers to these questions, contact your system manufacturer. WARNING: The steps that follow can void your warranty!!!

    For your hardware stop 0x124 crash, read through Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try - Windows 7 Help Forums and use the following hardware checks to supplement that link.

    • If you are overclocking any hardware, please stop.

    • If you have an SSD, make sure the following are up to date:
      • SSD firmware
      • BIOS Version
      • Chipset Drivers
      • Hard disk controller drivers/SATA drivers
      • If you have a Marvell IDE ATA/ATAPI device, make sure the drivers are up to date from the Intel site or Marvell site and not from your motherboard/vendor support site.

    • Run all but the advanced tests with SeaTools for HDDs.
    • Monitor temperatures during the following tests.
      Use the following programs to monitor the temperatures.

    • Run the boot version of Memtest86+ paying close attention to Parts 2 and 3 of the tutorial. Also, in case Memtest86+ misses anything and comes up with no errors, run the extended version of the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool for at least five passes. These you may want to run overnight since they take a long time to complete (run them an hour before bed each of the next two nights and check before going to sleep that they are still running).

      For Part 3: If You Have Errors: If you swap any memory components, follow these steps for ESD safety:
      1. Shut down and turn off your computer.
      2. Unplug all power supplies to the computer (AC Power then battery for laptops, AC power for desktops)
      3. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds to close the circuit and ensure all power drains from components.
      4. Make sure you are grounded by using proper grounding techniques, i.e. work on an anti-static workbench, anti-static desk, or an anti-static pad. Hold something metallic while touching it to the anti-static surface, or use an anti-static wristband to attach to the anti-static material while working. If you do not have an anti-static workbench, desk, or pad, you can use your computer tower/case by finding a metal hold in it, such as a drive bay.

      Once these steps have been followed, it is safe to remove and replace components within your computer.

    Remember to read closely through Stop 0x124 - what it means and what to try - Windows 7 Help Forums for the crash.
    Coutesy of: writhziden
    Post back the results, once done. And if you BSOD more, post up the new files.
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    Windows 8.1

    OK, I got a new blue screen. DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION. I've attached the dump.

    It happened while I was playing a game (Prison Architect still).

    Something else odd that I've noticed:
    My Windows.old folder is missing a lot of stuff - I noticed because the hard drive used to have ~200GB full, now it's down to only 30. My memory is not the best, but I'm pretty sure that was the case.
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    Have little HDD space like that can cause windows to not run properly. Try to clear up some room.

    Lets see if Driver Verifier was even enables:

    1. Open a Command Prompt window (Run as administrator) and type verifier to open the Driver Verifier Manager.
    2. Select Delete existing settings.
    3. Reboot the computer.

    Looking at the raw stack:
    igdkmd64.sys                Mon Sep 16 19:08:54 2013 (52379D96)
    There has to be a later version out than this, look for it here: Intel® Driver Update Utility

    Post back results. Sorry it took so long to reply, I am also learning here too.
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    Windows 8.1

    Hi HonorGamer,

    I tried to install the driver from Intel, and the auto installer says that "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer" and that I should get it from the manufacturer. I can install it from the .zip version and ignore that message, or I can get the version from Asus which is quite a bit older.

    Which do you think I should go with?

    Thank you again for your help.
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    Did you try scanning your PC?
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BSODs playing games or Youtube after Windows 8.1 update
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