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Multiple BSODs after Wakeup from sleep

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    Multiple BSODs after Wakeup from sleep

    I turned my PC into a Hackintosh: hangs after wakeup from sleep. Once a frozen desktop, but the cursor would move. So I switched to Windows 8.1: Multiple BSODs after Wakeup from sleep. Once a frozen desktop, but the cursor would move.

    I got many different BSODs, usually a sign of a hardware error. And one memory test resulted in 32 errors (many others did not).

    An easy solution would have been not to put my PC into sleep. But I decided to dig into the problem.
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    I may have solved this issue myself. Removal of nVidia Geforce Experience resulted in two black screens. Analysis of a D1 BSOD led to mcupdate_GenuineIntel. Installation of latest Intel Chipset Device Software resulted in no further black screens. Further memory testing is still pending.

    Blue screens continued after some time. Further memory testing did not point at the culprit. Out of despair, I exchanged my Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD3H motherboard for an ASRock H81 Pro. "Memory in Channel A did not pass". Re-seating, swapping and leaving out one memory repeatedly pointed at one failing memory. Booh to Gigabyte, Booh to MemTest86 and hurrah to ASRock! I exchanged my motherboards again, left out one (8GB) memory, RMA-ed my memory with Kingston and reloaded a copy of Windows8.1. System now seems without any glitch.
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Multiple BSODs after Wakeup from sleep
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