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BSOD returning from sleep mode, error 0x000000c1

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    I've run the hard drive tests that come from Seagate as that is what I have as my main drive right now, and those aren't reporting any issues. There's seemingly likely something wrong with the hard drive though as I continue to get BSODs that searching on the error looks like hard drive issues. I've attached the minidump files for the latest two crashes and here are links to the larger Memory.dmp files.

    And don't worry about any delays. I'm here because I've been pulling my hair out over this issue plenty as I've tried seemingly everything so far to find the cause. The only thing left I'd try doing is to install a fresh copy of Windows on the SSD drive I wanted to use as a system drive originally and leave my large Seagate drive that I wanted for storage completely unplugged from the system to see if that eliminates the issues. I'm hoping it's some driver issue or software configuration that I just need to do rather than the possibility of a bad drive.

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    After more crashes in the weeks after my last post, I got myself a cheap motherboard over the Thanksgiving sale time, and I've been going about 3 weeks now without a crash. So I think it's safe to say it's either some physical issue with the motherboard or some driver issue from that company. I will probably just write it off as a loss than try investigating more time and money in the issue. Thanks for all your assistance though in trying to help find the issue!

    EDIT: For anyone wondering, the old board was a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-SOC FORCE and the new one is an MSI B85-G41 PC Mate. I've had both my SSD and regular harddrives and my graphics card running on the MSI board the whole time.
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    Thanks for letting us know about the solution which worked for you ^-^
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BSOD returning from sleep mode, error 0x000000c1
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