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:( message when restarting

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    Windows 8.1

    Thank you,
    I am going a different direction (again). I looked very carefully through the event log. I see periodic errors trying to load a driver associated with the 2x SATA PCI-express card I installed. My investigation is leading to the following:
    a) No problem when no expansion card present.
    b) No problem when the 2 HDDs that I am trying to use are occupying the 2 native SATA ports on the MoBo.
    c) When I try 2 different HDDs, separately, for the system-files (C), and the 2x expansion card is present, the problem exists.

    So, I went and bought a 1TB HDD. I will forgo the 2x expansion card, use one native SATA port for the HDD and the other native SATA port for the DVD drive. This will give me the disk space I need, allow for a DVD-drive, and leave open the PCI-express slot for a later install of a wi-fi card that I have (no more wifi usb dongle).

    That said, a new problem has arisen with Auto Updates. (I am thinking of opening a new thread)
    With the clean install of Windows 8.1 (full retail version, the one that comes with 2 disks, a 32bit and 64bit version), it immediately searches and finds 47 updates. Those all load fine. Restart, all good. Then it finds 2 stand alone updates, one of them is big (KB2919355 - 800MB or so). That update fails (now 3 times) with Error 800736CC each time. Search of that, shows me some sort of disk error. Now, this is a brand new disk, so highly unlikely something is wrong with it. Should I open a new thread?

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    Yes, but do it in the Windows Updates & Activation forum located here: Windows Updates & Activation - Windows 8 Forums
    The folks who work there are really expert a fixing update problems
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    Even with new drives, advisable to run chkdsk /f from elevated command prompt. Let it reboot and run, will take awhile with a big drive and may even appear to be stalled, just let it run.
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    Windows 8.1

    Update: More detail as to the KB2919355 update failure. On a new install, the "sleep" timer is defaulted to 30 minutes. 2 nights ago, as I was getting this new config running, I left the computer on all night (our practice is the shut all computers down at night) thinking the large update would do its thing while I was sleeping. Well, when I got up, and turned on the monitor, the computer was sleeping. It then proceeded with the update processing, but started over ?! Considering the error code that continued with each failed update (4 iterations) was the same 800736CC (disk fault) I think this was a clue. I also notice by looking at task manager, and hearing it, that the disk drive was doing some work with windows defender and another windows service. I figured to hold off another try of the update until the disk settled down. I reset the sleep timer to "never" and went to work. When I returned 8 hrs later, the disk had just stopped doing what it was doing. Checking the windows update history, it tried to update KB2919355 again (this now the 5th time) and failed. Many of the posts I had been reading stated that after 6 or 7 (even 10) trials at the update, it would finally go through. I was losing patients, and was preparing to do another clean install, but thought, give it one more try. There were no services active, and the disk was not whirring. I tried it. It went through successfully!!
    So, that's it for me in this case. Many of the posts I have read show that this update is particularly finicky towards initial conditions (if it starts and does not complete, the remnants of the first trial cause confusion) and stalls mid update could create this condition.
    Thank you
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    Hi KetBD ^_^,

    Glad to hear that the issue has been resolved ^_^.

    In case of any further problem, please do not hesitate to post back.
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:( message when restarting
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