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Multiple BSOD a day - Win 8.1 32 bit

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    Win 8.1 32bit

    Quote Originally Posted by usasma View Post
    CPU usage of 24% is actually pretty high - and I'd expect to see some issues if it continually stays at 24%
    FWIW - at work if we have high CPU usage and no sign of a problem in TaskManager - then we start to thing about a possible malware infection. Please scan your system with an antivirus.
    Also, check the different tabs in TaskManager to see if you can spot the offending culprit.

    The Admin event log shows a problem with osu!.exe - please uninstall the program to see if that helps
    Lot's of problems with the Microsoft Antimalware service - and the named files make me strongly suspect malware here.
    I'd suggest using an independent malware scanner in order to determine if the Microsoft Antimalware program has been corrupted by malware. Here's a link to a page with different free scanners: Free Online AntiMalware Resources Please be advised that I haven't updated this page in a while, so some of the scans may not be compatible w/Win8.

    There are a couple of BSOD's listed in the WER section of MSINFO32 - but they're not very indicative of any particular problem.
    Please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings
    If the system is infected, there's no need to run Driver Verifier, and you should seek assistance from the experts over in the System Security forums: System Security - Windows 8 Forums
    It's not 24% CPU usage all the time. It throttles.

    And as of osu! it's a fairly light game , and I'm aware the game uses some ressources. I don't think osu! is a malware.

    I will use other scanners later on. And for reminding, I'm on Win 7 64 since I reinstalled by the way (Multiple BSOD a day - Win 8.1 32 bit). (We are still in Win 8 forums though)

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Thanks for reminding me about the Win7. I focus on Win8/8.1 systems, so I might forget that you're on Win7. It's not really a problem - except as I haven't worked much with Win7 since Win8 came out.
    But let's stick with it for now, as then we won't have to worry about the incompatibility problem.

    I still think that this resembles a malware problem.
    The free scanner(s) will tell you if it is or not.
    If it is, I'd suggest getting assistance over in the System Security forums
    If it isn't, then I'm almost out of ideas.

    Have you run MemTest86+? (you can run it from CD or USB drive)
    Have you run Furmark and the other video tests (from within Windows)
    Have you run at least one of the CPU tests?
    What were the results of these tests?

    Light/heavy games function differently. A light game can cause as many problems as a heavy game - just in different ways.
    I saw an only one error involving osu! in the Event Viewer log. As such, it's probably not a big deal for us.
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    Win 8.1 32bit

    I'm sorry I was absent these days.
    This is ironic, the memory stick that I thought was working is actually the one corrupted.
    I remove that defected one and use the one I thought was corrupted, and everything worked fast, and I didn't get BSOD.
    And when I put both sticks it's BSOD.
    So once again, thank you for your help and sorry about it :x

    PS: I'll come once I got problems again :P
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    Windows 8.1 Industry Pro B-)

    I am afraid Usasma is very busy and he is having problems with system as well.

    Glad to hear that the issue has been solved ^_^.

    Sure thing, in case of any further problem do not hesitate to post back ^_^
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Multiple BSOD a day - Win 8.1 32 bit
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