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BSOD mostly while gaming

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Old drivers aren't necessarily a problem - but they have many more problems than do newer drivers.
    If the memory dumps continue to show the older drivers we can remove them manually.
    But the testing without the wireless should prevent that driver from showing up in the memory dumps (if they do continue).

    The best way to try not using the wireless is to disable the device (in the UEFI/BIOS - not in Device Manager) or remove it completely from the system. This includes removing (uninstalling) the software for the device.

    88C is awfully high for a CPU. What were the other temps in the system? (I'm most curious about the video temps)
    have you worked on the cooling system to see if it might be a problem?

    Your Prime95 test was fine. The objective was to stress the system - and 88C is pretty stressful on the CPU!
    As MemTest passed - now try the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool (to help rule out the CPU).
    If the Intel test passes, then the likelihood of it being a hardware issue with the RAM or CPU is low (for example, another hardware problem is overheating - and it's a real possibility here).

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    Windows 8.1

    So, Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool was successful, woo-hoo!

    A friend of mine checked his CPU temps (our configurations are very similar), and running Prime95, the max temp was around 60 so this could be a problem.

    I noticed that my CPU fan in idle is at about 450 RPM while my friend's is at 1200 RPM in idle. Should I try to set an higher fan speed? What would be a good speed? Should I do it from the BIOS?

    As always, thanks for your help!
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    It all depends why your system isn't cooling well. Try a program (such as Speedfan) which offers fan control. See if a faster speed helps your cooling.

    But realize that it may not be just the CPU. There are plenty of other things within the system that can overheat.
    The way we used to test it at work was to reach inside the case and feel around after the system crashed. Be sure to unplug the system from the wall and ground yourself before reaching inside the case. And realize that overheated components can cause SEVERE BURNS - so be very, very careful to only feel near a device and DO NOT TOUCH IT!!! I got second degree burns from accidentally brushing against an overheated video card a couple of years back!
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BSOD mostly while gaming
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