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Extreamly rare and compleatly random BSOD Kernel

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    Extreamly rare and compleatly random BSOD Kernel


    For the longest time, at extremely random times (start up, shutdown, playing games, idle) varying in frequency before it happens again (moments, hours, days, months) I have been getting a BSOD for Kernel Power Page in Non Page Area, I have tried fixing it before and ill never know if its fixed till the next random time. But I have done a diver verifier scan for old/unassigned drivers, done ram checks, and dskchk.

    I have finally admitted defeat and have come here to ask for help because I am tired of it.

    There has been no common element to when this BSOD happens and hopefully the attached file will answer that element is.

    Any and all help is welcome.

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    Most BSOD's are due to memory corruption indicating your memory stick might have some bad spots. Normally your PC is running OK if these spots are not being used and that's why the BSOD's happened randomly.
    Please download: Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool and let it run for at least 6~8 hours unless errors occur earlier.
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    Good morning topgundcp
    Started Memtest86+ before i went to bed and it has been 10 hours and no errors have occurred (pic included if you don't believe or in case it provides additional info).

    Going to have to go to work soon so im going to probably just let memtest continue to run and see what you guys suggest when I get back.

    Edit: it has officaly been 24 hours since i launched memtest and it has ran about 9 and a half passes and no errors have been found in the ram. Im going to bed soon and come morning im probably goina stop the memtest.
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    It's OK to stop MemTest after 3 passes (IMO), others recommend up to 7 passes.

    You can try these other free hardware diagnostics, they all relate in some way to memory (even the hard drive test, where the pagefile for virtual memory resides): Hardware Diagnostics

    Also, as you mentioned the Kernel Power Page in Non Page Area BSOD, I'd have to suggest running Driver Verifier to see if we can force the system to give up the name of the offending driver. Instructions on how to run Driver Verifier are here: Driver Verifier Settings

    Finally, make sure that you have ALL available Windows Updates. It may take several trips and reboots to get them all.
    If you're experiencing errors in getting them, then please post over in the Windows Updates and Activation forum for assistance with that ( Windows Updates & Activation - Windows 8 Forums )
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    Thank you usasma it ended up being the HDD. I have replaced the HDD with a SSD and used their data migration program and I haven't had any problems since (4 days so far).
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Extreamly rare and compleatly random BSOD Kernel
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