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"driver_state_power_failure" / "inaccessible_boot_device"

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    If I think about it now, I've bought my new mouse around the same time when the boot-loops started to occur. So, if the BSODs stop happening, I'm fairly sure it's from the mouse. I only use the drawing tablet from time to time and the tablet wasn't even connected when my system was BSODing.

    Thank you very much for you help, I'll keep you updated.

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    Windows 8.1

    Hi again,

    I've followed the instructions about running Driver Verifier at this link.
    My system BSODed within 5 minutes after starting the Driver Verifier and after a system restore, I've checked the event logs again, the same old ID 41 error.

    I was looking for the minidump file under c:/windows/minidump , but the latest one was from June. Do you have any ideas why?

    Also, this has happened after I've uninstalled my optical mouse driver and reinstalled it. I will try to do another Driver Verifier scan when the mouse is not connected to see if it BSODs again.

    I'm on my laptop with the Driver Verifier enabled and running, surfing around with my laptop touchpad. The USB mouse is unplugged, no BSODing from the Driver Verifier for the past 30 minutes, whereas last time (with the USB mouse plugged in) it took around 2 minutes until the BSOD.
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    In this case, it's most likely that the memory dump was corrupted by the system crash.
    It's not unusual when you're getting EventID 41's and they're caused by a piece of hardware.
    At times there'll be a driver mentioned on the actual Blue Screen - but that's less common now with the new Blue Screens

    At this point we look at the hardware - and it seems that you've already figured out it's the mouse.
    It still can be it's connection, so try other USB ports to see if that helps
    You can also try another mouse to see if it works without the errors.
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"driver_state_power_failure" / "inaccessible_boot_device"
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