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BSOD - Random/Music - System_Service_Exception_fltmgr.sys

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    BSOD - Random - System_Service_Exception_fltmgr.sys

    Hi guys,

    So I am once again suffering a BSOD problem and I was wondering if you could shed any light on the issue.

    I have just received a replacement CPU, Intel Core i7 4770k from intel, which I ordered in the attempt to solve my last bout of BSOD - it seems not have worked, although, the two BSOD instances I suffered today after installing the brand new CPU were the same 'system_service_exception_fltmgr.sys'.

    GA-Z87X-UD5H - New with first CPU
    Intel i7 4770k - Brand New
    8Gb Patriot DDR3 1333 - New: Used to try and solve last BSOD. Replaced 2x4Gb Patriot DDR3 1333
    2x4Gb G.Skill DDR3 1333 - Older
    Nvidia GTX660 2Gb
    OCZ 120Gb Agility 3 SSD - Older -System
    D: 500Gb - Old
    E: 500Gb - Old
    F: 1Tb - Old
    G: 1.5Tb - Newer

    Im thinking that maybe its the 2x4gb G.Skill RAM or my SSD causing the issue.

    Anyways, I have attached the SF file - Any help would be amazing thanks,

    Two new BSOD errors:
    System_thread_exception_not_handled (e1163x64.sys)
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    Analyzing your dumpfiles i can find any direct causes to blame.

    But you have a few outdated drivers, a few are related to Storage. ( might point to your SSD)

    mv91cons fffff800`8651b000 fffff800`86526000 Fri Jun 21 08:18:21 2013 (51c3f02d) 0000f147 mv91cons.sys
    Driver Description: Marvell 91xx Confige Device Driver for 6G SATA Controller
    Driver Update Site:
    mvxxmm fffff800`86694000 fffff800`8669c000 Tue Jul 30 08:51:32 2013 (51f76274) 0000653f mvxxmm.sys
    Driver Description: Marvell Aux NV Bridge DLL - related to mv91xx SCSI HD Controller
    Driver Update Site: Marvell - Support
    mvs91xx fffff800`86600000 fffff800`86694000 Tue Jul 30 08:52:22 2013 (51f762a6) 00053582 mvs91xx.sys
    Driver Description: Marvell 91xx SATA Controller Driver
    Driver Update Site: Marvell - Support

    iaStorA fffff800`866be000 fffff800`86978000 Fri Aug 02 03:39:52 2013 (51fb0de8) 000ac609 iaStorA.sys
    Driver Description: Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology) driver
    Driver Update Site:

    One is the driver from your latest BSod (System_thread_exception_not_handled (e1163x64.sys)
    e1i63x64 fffff800`88e00000 fffff800`88e74000 Wed Mar 20 08:37:29 2013 (51496739) 0007ff34 e1i63x64.sys
    This is the driver for your Intel(R) Gigabit Adapter
    Driver Description: Intel(R) Gigabit Adapter
    Driver Update Site: Network Connectivity — Drivers and software for Gigabit Intel® Ethernet Adapters
    You have disabled this device, but windows sometimes loads some drivers at bootup, so please update this driver to the latest windows 8.1 driver. Feel free to disable this device after updating.

    PxHlpa64 fffff800`869ed000 fffff800`869f91a0 Tue Apr 24 19:26:29 2012 (4f96e245) 0000e1ad PxHlpa64.sys
    Driver Description: Sonic CD/DVD driver (used by many different CD/DVD programs)
    Driver Update Site: pxHelp20.sys programs lists some of the programs that it's used in.
    In one of your dumpfiles mentioned the PROCESS_NAME: Adobe Premiere. Maybe this could be related.
    Check if your version of Adobe Premiere is compatible with windows 8.1.

    Note: firstcheck the support/driver downloadsite of your OEM model or system for the latestwindows 8.1 drivers. see here GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1150 - GA-Z87X-UD5H (rev. 1.x)
    Advice: please check/update also all the other drivers.

    You mentioned you have a intel K CPU.there is a new bios version F10c with Enhanced Intel K-sku CPU performance
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BSOD - Random/Music - System_Service_Exception_fltmgr.sys
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