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Irql_Driver_No_Less_Or_Equal (cmudaxp.sys) -- Sound Card?

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    Irql_Driver_No_Less_Or_Equal (cmudaxp.sys) -- Sound Card?

    EDIT: I fixed it by uninstalling the xonar dg drivers, shutting down, then removing the sound card. Why did I buy this thing anyways.. the onboard sound sounds just as good.

    -All Windows 8 updates installed
    -All drivers I could possibly think of to install, installed

    This all started when I reinstalled Windows 8 (I had to, long story). I play a game called Dota 2, and after having it open for 20+ minutes, the sound would stop working entirely for everything on my computer in general (and doesn't work until I reboot) and my internet would disconnect (ONLY on my computer, the network icon would get a red x), I would then have to go to device manager and disable then enable the network card for it to work again. But this would be a temporary fix, since the internet would constantly continue to disconnect. These issues only occurred while playing Dota 2.

    I have tried reinstalling the Steam program (that Dota 2 uses), and Dota 2. The problems still occur.

    I have tried installing my ethernet motherboard drivers, installing the unofficial sound card "uni xonar" drivers to see if it fixes anything, but nope.

    I've recently plugged a usb wifi stick by Dyson to try and see if using a different network receiver could fix the issue, but now instead of the problem I listed previously, I get the BSOD instead of the disconnect/sound mute.

    Computer specs and SF diagnostics zip file below, by the way. Google tells me that my issue is my sound card - ASUS Xonar DG, I don't know what else I can do for it, though. I've reinstalled drivers, what now?
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    Glad to hear that you solved it. Thanks for posting back the solution ^_^
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Irql_Driver_No_Less_Or_Equal (cmudaxp.sys) -- Sound Card?
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