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UncorrectableError, hal.dll+37203 and ntoskrnl.exe+153fa0

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    UncorrectableError, hal.dll+37203 and ntoskrnl.exe+153fa0

    PLEASE SEE THIS POST: UncorrectableError, hal.dll+37203 and ntoskrnl.exe+153fa0

    I have been through multiple reinstalls of 8.1 on this current rig and I keep getting these bluescreens with the error WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR. I made a post about this about 6 months ago and nothing ever came of it. I hope somebody will be able to help this time around.

    Here are the requested files:

    I am not overclocking any parts of my rig, Windows updates/GPU drivers are as of today, and I believe most of my other motherboard related drivers are up to date.

    System specs: 4670k, Z87x_UD5H, 16GB Gskill, 780ti, HX750

    Thank you.
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    windows 8.1

    Your dumpfiles are WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR (124) and there are many mentions of hal.dll.
    This points to problem with hardware or uncompatible hardware(drivers).

    Your logitech mouse and keyboard(2009) and logitech webcamera drivers are outdated. Please update.
    Driver Update Site: Logitech Support - Downloads, Manuals, FAQs & More

    Also your npf.sys driver is from march 2013. This is related to AirPcap wifi capture adapter for windows. Is this a device or software?
    If a device is it compatible with windows 8.1
    Driver Description: NetGroup Packet Filter Driver, part of the WinPcap packet capture library
    Driver Update Site: WinPcap Commercial and Community Support

    Please update your networkcards Intel(R) Ethernet Connection I217-V and Intel(R) I210 Gigabit Network Connection.
    Many windows 8 networkdrivers give problems with windows 8.1
    Driver Update Site:

    Are you using
    MSI Afterburner (along with Riva Tunerand EVGA Precision) are known to cause BSOD's in some Windows systems (it'sdriver is usually RTCore64.sys orNTIOlib_64.sys). Please un-installit immediately!

    You have Kaspersky 2013 program please upgrade to the latest windows 8.1 compatible version.
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    Logitech mouse, web cam, and Intel network drivers have been updated. WinPcap was installed with WhatPulse, I have uninstalled that. MSI Afterburner (and EVGA Precision) have been uninstalled as well.

    My only question is what you said about Kaspersky. I am running the latest version, Where do I find a Windows 8.1 compatible version? This version is 8.1 compatible.
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    windows 8.1

    My only question is what you said about Kaspersky. I am running the latest version, Where do I find a Windows 8.1 compatible version? This version is 8.1 compatible.
    Yes, then you have installed the latest version.

    When we debug the drivers, the drivers are listed from old to new.
    I found a few Kaspersky 2013 drivers, so i assumed you had the 2013 version installed

    fffff801`99401000 fffff801`99b60000 kl1 kl1.sys Fri Oct 18 11:18:22 2013 (5260FCDE)
    fffff801`99c2b000 fffff801`99c5a000 klflt klflt.sys Sun Mar 02 00:02:12 2014 (531266F4)
    fffff801`99e44000 fffff801`99ee9000 klif klif.sys Thu Mar 06 17:38:02 2014 (5318A46A)
    fffff801`9aabc000 fffff801`9aac6000 klim6 klim6.sys Thu Jul 11 09:53:56 2013 (51DE6494)
    fffff801`9c7c0000 fffff801`9c7cb000 klkbdflt klkbdflt.sys Fri Dec 27 14:35:56 2013 (52BD823C)
    fffff801`9c200000 fffff801`9c20c000 klmouflt klmouflt.sys Thu Aug 08 15:09:08 2013 (52039874)
    fffff801`9af51000 fffff801`9af59000 klpd klpd.sys Fri Apr 12 13:34:45 2013 (5167F155)
    fffff801`9ad07000 fffff801`9ad1a000 klwfp klwfp.sys Wed Feb 05 14:33:44 2014 (52F23DB8)
    fffff801`9af24000 fffff801`9af51000 kneps kneps.sys Thu Oct 31 14:45:52 2013 (52725F10)

    Don't know if these 2013 drivers belong to the 2014 version or that they are leftovers from the previous version.

    Lets first wait if the bsod stopped after updating the other drivers and uninstalling the program.
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    Ah, ok. I've never installed Kaspersky before March of this year, so I'm assuming it's the files that used in the program.

    In other news, I just got another blue screen.

    Side note, I have a Sandisk 120GB SSD for my C drive. I've had it for over two years now. Is it possible a failing SSD could be causing these blue screens?

    On another note, I ran a full memtest on both sticks of RAM and that came back with zero errors.
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    windows 8.1

    Your latest dumpfile has the same bsod, but some logitech drivers are still present.
    LGBusEnum fffff800`2ecb8000 fffff800`2ecbbd80 Tue Nov 24 02:36:48 2009 (4b0b38b0) 0000b99b LGBusEnum.sys
    LGVirHid fffff800`2fed7000 fffff800`2fed9480 Tue Nov 24 02:36:48 2009 (4b0b38b0) 00012cde LGVirHid.sys
    LGSHidFilt fffff800`2de00000 fffff800`2de15000 Thu May 30 17:16:33 2013 (51a76d51) 000169da LGSHidFilt.Sys
    Do you have a logitech keyboard or other logitech device please also update them.

    Yes, a harddisk can also cause this kind of bsod.
    Did you check if there are firmware/drivers updates for all your harddisk?
    You can test your harddisk for problems.
    You can get ahead start on the hardware diagnostics if you'd like - they are located here: Hardware Diagnostics

    If updating the other logitech drivers does not stop the bsod, i suggest to temporally remove Kaspersky and see ifthat stops the BSOD's. While testing, use Windows Defender and the WindowsFirewall to keep away from being infected.
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    I do not have anymore Logitech devices other than a G500 mouse and C920 web cam, both of which were updated before the last blue screen. I have also updated the firmware on my SSD. Also, there apparently was a bios update, so I flashed that as well.

    If it keeps referring to a keyboard, I have a Ducky Shine 3 keyboard. Perhaps that is causing some malfunction between the Logitech driver and the keyboard?
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    windows 8.1

    Maybe these drivers are refering to Logitech Gaming Software (LGS)
    Do you have this software installed, the latest version is 8.40, update if this is the case.
    Did you earlier have a logitech keyboard.
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    LGS is installed on my computer, and it is used by my mouse. Current version I have installed is 8.53.154, which was installed yesterday before the fourth blue screen.

    I have never used a Logitech keyboard on this machine.
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    I had another BSoD. I figure it'd be alright to make a reply to this thread since it's the same error as before.

    The logs and whatnot:
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UncorrectableError, hal.dll+37203 and ntoskrnl.exe+153fa0
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