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BSOD started randomly to occur.

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    Windows 8

    BSOD started randomly to occur.

    My computer randomly started to BSOD.
    first I had clock_watchdog_timeout error whenever I open my browser

    Two thing happened before the BSOD started:
    I used one of my ram sticks in another computer for testing
    I installed Visual Studio 2013 and XNA

    cpu is OC at 4.4ghz and gpu also OC which was completely stable until recently.

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    Hi Scorp200,

    I have analyzed your dump file and I am posting below the list of your 3rd party drivers which you must find updates for.
    **************************Sun Jun 22 20:33:43.627 2014 (UTC + 5:30)**************************
    WinRing0x64.sys             Sat Jul 26 18:59:37 2008 (488B26C1)
    LGBusEnum.sys               Tue Nov 24 07:06:48 2009 (4B0B38B0)
    LGVirHid.sys                Tue Nov 24 07:06:48 2009 (4B0B38B0)
    HECIx64.sys                 Tue Jul  3 03:44:58 2012 (4FF21D62)
    speedfan.sys                Sun Dec 30 02:29:35 2012 (50DF59B7)
    RTCore64.sys                Mon Mar 11 11:02:06 2013 (513D6C56)
    e1i63x64.sys                Wed Mar 20 13:07:29 2013 (51496739)
    ladfGSCamd64.sys            Tue Apr 16 00:09:12 2013 (516C4950)
    ladfGSRamd64.sys            Tue Apr 16 00:09:15 2013 (516C4953)
    LGSHidFilt.Sys              Thu May 30 20:46:33 2013 (51A76D51)
    SYMEVENT64x86.SYS           Sat Jul 27 07:56:58 2013 (51F32FF2)
    SRTSPX64.SYS                Sat Jul 27 08:15:06 2013 (51F33432)
    Ironx64.SYS                 Tue Jul 30 06:29:35 2013 (51F70FF7)
    SYMDS64.SYS                 Wed Jul 31 04:59:08 2013 (51F84C44)
    intelppm.sys                Thu Aug 22 14:16:35 2013 (5215CFEB)
    usb80236.sys                Thu Aug 22 17:08:16 2013 (5215F828)
    dump_storahci.sys           Thu Aug 22 17:10:39 2013 (5215F8B7)
    EX64.SYS                    Fri Aug 23 02:06:51 2013 (52167663)
    ENG64.SYS                   Fri Aug 23 02:08:20 2013 (521676BC)
    eudskacs.sys                Wed Sep  4 08:44:03 2013 (5226A57B)
    eubakup.sys                 Wed Sep  4 08:44:10 2013 (5226A582)
    EUBKMON.sys                 Wed Sep  4 08:44:32 2013 (5226A598)
    EuFdDisk.sys                Wed Sep  4 08:44:38 2013 (5226A59E)
    ccSetx64.sys                Tue Sep 24 09:28:04 2013 (52410DCC)
    nvhda64v.sys                Thu Nov 28 19:08:09 2013 (52974741)
    RNDISMP6.SYS                Fri Dec 20 12:47:20 2013 (52B3EF00)
    ssudbus.sys                 Thu Jan  2 15:21:22 2014 (52C5369A)
    SRTSP64.SYS                 Tue Feb 11 04:34:55 2014 (52F95B17)
    SYMNETS.SYS                 Thu Feb 13 16:55:14 2014 (52FCAB9A)
    SYMEFA64.SYS                Fri Feb 28 05:02:07 2014 (530FCAF7)
    IDSvia64.sys                Wed Mar  5 10:00:47 2014 (5316A877)
    eeCtrl64.sys                Thu Mar 20 22:00:59 2014 (532B17C3)
    EraserUtilRebootDrv.sys     Thu Mar 20 22:00:59 2014 (532B17C3)
    nvvad64v.sys                Fri Mar 28 19:02:06 2014 (533579D6)
    BHDrvx64.sys                Tue May  6 12:34:20 2014 (53688974)
    Hamdrv.sys                  Tue May 13 17:58:59 2014 (5372100B)
    NvStreamKms.sys             Thu May 22 22:13:14 2014 (537E2922)
    xb1usb.sys                  Tue May 27 13:43:13 2014 (53844919)
    nvlddmkm.sys                Fri Jun 13 05:48:13 2014 (539A4345)
    usb80236.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.
    RNDISMP6.SYS - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.
    xb1usb.sys - this driver hasn't been added to the DRT as of this run. Please search Google/Bing for the driver if additional information is needed.

    Also, see if you are still encountering the issue on disabling the Driver Verifier. By the way, why have you enabled the Driver Verifier? Follow the below guide to disable it :-

    Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Also, please return everything to stock settings before we can troubleshoot further.
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    Windows 8

    thats the thing, I never turned verifier on, and when I click delete all settings it says no settings were changed.
    I am going to take out one ram stick and see how it goes without downclocking, if it goes on I will drop to stock and test from there.
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BSOD started randomly to occur.
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