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System Thread Exception Not Handled AND Failure Configurat

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    System Thread Exception Not Handled AND Failure Configurat

    System Thread Exception Not Handled AND Failure Configuration Windows Updates, Reverting Changes.

    I own a computer Asus (Windows 8, 8 Gb RAM, 1 Tb hard disk, Intel i5 cpu). I cannot use that computer, because every time I have to restart the system, I get a Blue Screen Of Death: the message says “System Thread Exception Not Handled”. Restore-points have not solved the problem. I was forced to completely reinstall the OS. Over and over again. The last time it happened, I was forced to Reinstall the OS twice. I was awake for nearly 48 hours, non-stop, to make sure everything would go smoothly.

    Every time I reinstall the OS, I am forced to reinstall all the hundreds of Windows Updates. On a Metered connection. In one week I've used up my ISP's monthly internet allowance.

    But this is only the beginning of the nightmare. Not only do I have to re-download and re-install hundreds of Windows Updates, over and over again, and on a Metered connection. But, also, every time I reinstall them, I get the message “Failure configuring Windows Updates; Reverting Changes.” What is ever worse is that the message only appears AFTER I've downloaded gigabytes of Windows Updates on a Metered connection.

    In other words, Microsoft Windows asks me to install Updates, to solve the problem “System Thread Exception Not Handled.” But, at the same time, Windows is incapable of installing those Updates, because of “Failure to configuring Windows Updates; Reverting Changes.”

    So, in order to be able to use that computer, I would like to completely remove Windows from that computer. But the computer does not allow me to format the C drive. It does not allow me to delete Windows 8, either. What should I do??

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    Update. With the help of computer semi-literate friends, I've been able to access that computer. We have done a Restore. The Restore failed, and it says Error 0x800700b7 . The internet is full of “solutions” to such Error. Those solutions are risky—also because I know almost nothing about computers. I'm only getting confused. I have to let Windows 8.x go, 'cause it requires expertise to run it. Once I get some available time, we will attempt to get Linux installed on that computer.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    You state that you cannot format the C: drive.
    You cannot format the C: drive from within WIndows as Windows is using the C: drive
    You'll have to get a bootable disk (such as a live Linux distribution) and use that to format the drive.

    Have you restored the system with the Asus restore disks?
    Does it still get the same errors then?
    Have you tried any hardware diagnostics? Here's a linik to some bootable diagnostics: Initial Hardware Diagnostics
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    Thanks for your answer.

    To cut a very long story short, we have managed, eventually, to Reinstall Windows on that computer.

    Now, that computer seems to be working fine.

    However, I have not installed any of the over one-hundred Windows Updates downloaded, again, by that computer's Windows, because I am almost sure that the moment I install those Windows Updates the problems will start again.

    Thank you very much
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    In my experience, I find that Windows Updates are rarely to blame for a problem.
    Most times the problem is due to 3rd party software that's either not compatible, or is not working properly.

    On the average I restore Windows on 5 to 10 computers a week and we fully update Windows on each and every one.
    I can only recall 2 problems over the past 8 years, and both were eventually traced to problems with the recovery media - not the Windows Updates.

    When you reinstall Windows, the first step should be (IMO) to install ALL Windows Updates. That way if there is a problem, it'll be evident right away. The updates are needed for stability AND security - it's not a wise move to do without them.

    Good luck to you with whatever you decide. I'll be notified if you respond to this topic.
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    First of all, thanks for your help.

    I have again downloaded and installed the Windows Updates.

    107 updates were successful.

    One failed Error code 80071a90 Update kb2885699

    Microsoft's website says that kb2885699 “....enables notifications to be displayed that helps you update Windows 8 to Windows 8.1....”

    I tried & tried to delete Update kb2885699, unfortunately without success because I don't know what I am doing, and the tutorials online are too complicated for someone like me.

    Then, while I was desperately trying to find a solution online, the computer suddenly restarted itself, on its own, to configure the updates.

    After configuring everything, a message appeared: “Failure configuring Windows Updates, reverting changes.”

    After doing all that, the message “Restarting” appeared.

    Then, after a short while, the message “Failure configuring Windows Updates, reverting changes.” appeared again, and so on and so forth.

    No BSOD.

    I switched the computer off manually.

    Thank you.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Post over here for assistance with Windows Update problems: Windows Updates & Activation - Windows 8 Forums
    It's a complicated subject and requires expert assistance (and I'm not an expert!).

    The error code 80071a90 is a problem with a file being locked while trying to update.
    Here's a link that shows this error and suggests some ways around it: Windows Update error 80071A90 - Microsoft Windows Help Even though it's an article on Win7, it does also apply to Win8/8.1
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System Thread Exception Not Handled AND Failure Configurat
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