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So, you have finally solved your issue by just disabling the Fast Boot option?

If yes, then I am glad that the issue was solved ^_^ .

Please test the system further and let me know if any further issues crop up ^_^
I was just about to mark this as solved (sorry for taking so long) but something new happened tonight. Was running Firefox, and like usual sometimes it locks up from a shockwave or flash player freeze. As soon as the "shockwave may not be responding" message appeared Firefox locked up and then the COMPUTER locked for around 5 seconds. Then I get a message from the notification center that said something to the effect of "AMD hardware has recovered from an error." It popped up twice despite only locking once. This is weird because according to error history, the ONLY error this computer has had on the list was the SAME error from February last year, the month after I bought it. And that time I didn't even know it happened nor saw it since.

So far it has not done it again but keep in mind this was about 20 minutes ago. I'm including both minidumps it gave me. I am very worried this could be a sign of hardware failure. :C

I hope you don't mind checking this out one last time. Thank you so much!