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    Hello blueelvis and thank you for also looking into my problem, all help is much appriciated!

    I have read your reply and sadly i can not find the drivers you are advising me to update.

    First one was : Netwew00.sys :- Driver Reference Table
    I looked this one up and i saw the webpage for intel on the driver reference page but i couldnt find it manually so i sought for it via the automatic tool, but it only gave me the 32 bit version, not the 64 bit version so my attempts to update this driver failed.

    Second one : -
    Driver Reference Table - Smb_driver_Intel.sys
    This one i was able to download, but when i ran the setup it just said the installation failed, and did not really give me any cause so i did not install this driver either sadly.

    About the file Aicharger.sys, i have searched for it through my system and it seems like it could not be found so i guess it is removed!

    Also, it seems the issue in my previous post is due to my drivers about the USB on my motherboard, it seems it can not find any drivers, and i am apparently really bad at finding drivers on the net so it also remains out of date. I looked at the webpage provided earlier for the model of my laptop at AsusTEKs webpage, but there were none that i could see once again. Is it possible to get some help to find these drivers?

    Thanks once again, in advance.

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Welcome back blueelvis!
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    How are you doing guys, anything new? I can say that i have solved the issue in the device manager, it appears it was the driver for the card reader that was outdated, also i did inactivate bluetooth. Last night before i slept i thougt i would shut down my pc since it starts in a couple minutes time anyway, but when i wanted to turn it on today it did take its time,, around 10 minutes, then it restarted without entering windows and took an additional 3-4 minutes the second startup.

    This is the latest dump :

    The dump is probably similar to the last one, since i was not able to find those two drivers i requested some help for to find, but i hope that i will be able to get those drivers you adviced me to download and install.
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    Windows 8.1 Industry Pro B-)

    Hi Craxy and sorry for the late reply,

    I was simply not able to figure out the reason for the persistent Intel Rapid Storage driver in the dump files so I asked a friend of mine (Patrick! ) over sysnative forums and what I learned from him was that the Intel Rapid Storage Driver can become awful in a lot of cases. One can only install the Rapid Storage Driver once but cannot remove the driver from the system until and unless you do some restoring to the point before the driver was installed or formatting the whole system. The Uninstaller from the Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel only removes the UI thing and not the drivers which are still loaded.

    Intel Rapid Storage driver has no use if you are not using a RAID configuration. The only other option which is left with us is to go ahead and completely disable/remove this driver from the system. Would you please follow these steps given in the link and report back if the problem has been solved or not?

    Away from Keyboard: BSOD 0X0000001E - Tech Support Forum

    Please keep in mind that, be extremely cautious with this and backup everything before you proceed further. Please let us know your results over here ^_^
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