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BSOD every day, error 0x000000a1

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    Most BSOD's I've experienced in Windows 8/8.1 comes from outdated drivers and incompatible crucial system software like a laptop's power management software from the vendor not programmed to run for Windows 8/8.1 especially on older hardware.

    I'm not ruling out the chance that your problem could be hardware related but if your PC ran flawlessly on Windows 7 and not after upgrading to Windows 8/8.1 then the chance of your problem being hardware related is very little unless of course your PC is heavily overclocked.

    My suggestions:

    1. Run MemTest86+ Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool 3 passes should suffice.
    2. Upgrade to the latest BIOS for PC if applicable.
    3. Find and latest drivers and crucial system software compatible with Windows 8/8.1 for your PC.
    **This is where I get all the latest drivers for my PC's: Station-Drivers - News just make sure you know the all your PC components make and model. Use this software to find that out: HWiNFO, HWiNFO32 & HWiNFO64 - Hardware Information and Analysis Tools. Crucial system related software comes from the vendor of your PC or motherboard if it's a custom PC.**
    4. Refresh Windows 8/8.1 or do a clean install if you did not do so upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8/8.1.

    Good luck,

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    The problem is that I've been having problems with this computer since a year into it being built. I had bsod with windows 7, just not as frequent as when i upgraded to windows 8 (but it may be due to the age of the computer and the warmer weather being felt where i live in comparison to other years). I think that rules out OS problems, but i'll run those tests anyways
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    If you had BSOD's since Windows 7 then it might be a hardware problem assuming your PC was made for Windows 7 and all the correct drivers were installed back then for Windows 7 and you did a clean install of Windows 8/8.1, Windows 8/8.1 is very picky on hardware and your PC's overall stability if overclocked and will be much more unstable then Windows 7.

    If MemTest86+ does not give you errors I'm going to take a a couple of wild guess on what if causing these BSOD's with Windows on your hardware.

    Some educated guess:

    1. CPU heatsink not properly seated or thermal paste dried out causing heat issues and system instability.
    2. GPU heatsink not properly seated or thermal paste dried out causing heat issues and video related instability, ex: BSOD's whenever gaming.
    3. Your hard drive is dying. You will need to find out the make and model of your hard drive and run diagnostic tools ex: SeaTools for Seagate hard drive to find out if your hard drive is indeed giving errors and dying.
    4. Power Supply not sufficient for your PC or if you upgraded your CPU or videocard going over your power supplies rated watts or the power supply is not good make and just dying. A lot of repair technicians overlook this undetected problem with the power supply.
    5. Your motherboard is dying, this is a very tricky one to detect like the power supply above.
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    I've been having these issues almost since the first year I had the pc. I'll replace both thermal pastes, to see what happens.
    I've had issue with the power supply, which i sent back to corsair and they replaced it with a new one, and I have a backup power supply i've bought in between.
    I'll do the hard drive test along with the others, and if the problem persists i'll send it to a repair shop so they can take a closer look into the problem, altough i don't have much confidence in their work
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BSOD every day, error 0x000000a1
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