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BSoD While Downloading with uTorrent or IDM

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    BSoD While Downloading with uTorrent or IDM

    Hi, it's been a while since I have this ("driver_irql_not_less_or_equal, ndis.sys or netio.sys") error and it occurs whenever I try to download a file with uTorrent and a few times while downloading with IDM, I hope that my PC is not dead, Thanks in advance for your support.

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    windows 8.1

    Only 128 Windows Updates installed. Most systems have 160 or more. Please visit Windows Update and get ALL available updates (it may take several trips to get them all).

    Your C:drive has only about 9% free space available,windows likes to have about 15% free space for running the system. Please makesome space on your disk.

    Daemon Tools (and Alcohol % software)are known to cause BSOD's on some Windows systems (mostly due to the sptd.sysdriver, although I have seen dtsoftbus01.sys blamed on several occasions).

    Please un-install the program, thenuse the following free tool to ensure that the troublesome sptd.sys driver isremoved from your system (pick the 32 or 64 bit system depending on yoursystem's configuration): New link (15 Aug 2012): DuplexSecure - Downloads(pick the appropriate version for your system and select "Un-install"when you run it).
    Alternate link:
    Manual procedure here:
    Registry and SPTD problems | DAEMONPro Help

    (from canned speech of John Carrona)

    All your dumpfiles from the month May are; Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for drxvi314_64lh.sys
    Probably caused by : NETIO.SYS ( NETIO!NetioCompleteNetBufferAndNetBufferListChain+52 )
    The drxvi314_64lh.sys is the driver for/from Beceem WiMAX driver/May also be from Sprint.
    I suspect this is your wireless network device.
    Please update to the latest windows 8 compatible version from your OEM, here
    Satellite C655-S5549 Support | Toshiba

    Only Nero version 12 and up are compatible with windows 8.

    Please update these older drivers. Linksare included to assist in looking up the source of the drivers. If unable tofind an update, please remove (un-install) the program responsible for thatdriver. DO NOT manually delete/rename the driver as it may make the systemunbootable! :
    Note: firstcheck the support/driver downloadsite of your OEM model or system for the latest windows 8 drivers.Satellite C655-S5549 Support | Toshiba

    BcmBusCtr_64 fffff880`18a3f000 fffff880`18a54000 Thu Jan 07 07:59:00 2010 (4b458634) 00010d18 BcmBusCtr_64.sys
    drxvi314_64lh fffff880`190b4000 fffff880`1910ca80 Thu Jan 07 08:00:20 2010
    (4b458684) 00064759 None drxvi314_64lh.sys

    Driver Description: Beceem Bus Controller/May also be from Sprint
    Driver Update Site: OEM

    npf fffff880`18724000 fffff880`18730000 Fri Jun 25 18:50:58 2010 (4c24de72) 00011844 npf.sys
    Driver Description: NetGroup Packet Filter Driver, part of the WinPcap packet capture library
    Driver Update Site: WinPcap Commercial and Community Support

    NBVol fffff880`0218b000 fffff880`021a1000 Tue May 17 12:50:37 2011 (4dd252fd) 00014f7f NBVol.sys
    NBVolUp fffff880`021a1000 fffff880`021aa000 Tue May 17 12:51:20 2011 (4dd25328) 0000c0a5 NBVolUp.sys

    Driver Description: Nero Backup Volume Filter Driver
    Driver Description: Nero Backup Volume Upper Filter Driver
    Driver Update Site: Support: Official Nero Software Support | Customer Service and Technical Support
    Downloads: Official Nero Downloads | Free Software Trials and Updates

    dtsoftbus01 fffff880`03ceb000 fffff880`03d34000 Fri Jan 13 14:45:46 2012 (4f10358a) 00046d1e dtsoftbus01.sys
    Driver Description: Daemon Tools driver Possible BSOD issues in Win7 and win8/8.1
    Driver Update Site: Downloads - ::

    igdkmd64 fffff880`0688c000 fffff880`072aeaa0 Fri Mar 23 19:13:22 2012 (4f6cbd42) 00a29027 igdkmd64.sys
    Driver Description: Intel Graphics driver
    Driver Update Site:

    cbfs3 fffff880`07400000 fffff880`0745a000 Mon Apr 09 15:21:46 2012 (4f82e26a) 0005f15b cbfs3.sys
    Driver Description: Callback File System
    Driver Update Site:

    If the BSOD's continue, I'd suggest running Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Driver Verifier Settings
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BSoD While Downloading with uTorrent or IDM
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