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BSOD "atikmdag.sys" (yes I've looked for solutions)

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    Windows 8.1 x64

    BSOD "atikmdag.sys" (yes I've looked for solutions)

    Hi for the past couple of weeks I've been getting this very annoying BSOD that always states "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (atikmdag.sys). I've looked online for solutions as shown on this forum:
    FIX BSOD ATI Blue screen on atikmdag.sys solved fix - Forums

    Every one of them says to do what's on that forum (expand atikmdag.sy_ to atikmdag.sys and replace it in C/Users/UserName/Win32) but, whenever I do so then restart; A window pops up says "AMD Software not installed properly, you must reinstall for it to work" - it's not exactly what the window said but basically that's what it was.

    The BSOD only occurs when I am playing multiple YouTube videos or any Flash Player websites in general. The BSOD never happened in any game, only watching videos. I disabled 'Hardware Acceleration' in the Flash Player Settings - as someone told suggested, but I still get BSOD.

    Is there anything else I can do to solve this? The crash used to happen only once a month, but now its getting more and more frequent... Today was the first time it happened twice in one day . Very annoying I must say!

    My specs are the following (If they are in any help figuring the problem out):

    GPU - Two AMD 7970's Cross-fired
    CPU - AMD FX-8150 8-Core Black Edition
    Motherboard - Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
    Drive / OS - Two Kingston HyperX SSD's (In RAID 0) / Windows 8.1
    RAM - 16GB

    I used the SF Diagnostic Tool attached my findings below. Please let me know if I need to attach anything else.

    Thanks in advance.

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    No problem. You came to the best place, surely.

    First and foremost, make sure you are not overclocking bus speed - or cpu/ram/gpu. CPU-Z can help with that.

    Unintall Kasperky, then use the removal tool for it too. Set Windows Defender and Windows Firewall to Automatic and start them too.


    AsIO AsIO.sys Wed Aug 22 05:54:47 2012 (5034AC67) <<< from ASUS for your board in Downloads/Utilities - ATK and/or Probe II

    amdsbs amdsbs.sys Tue Dec 11 16:21:44 2012 (50C7A3E8)

    AsUpIO AsUpIO.sys Mon Aug 02 22:47:59 2010 (4C57835F) <<< from ASUS for your board in Downloads/Utilities - ATK and/or Probe II

    ASUSFILTER ASUSFILTER.sys Tue Sep 20 11:46:33 2011 (4E78B559)


    CSVirtualDiskDrv CSVirtualDiskDrv.sys Wed Sep 18 02:42:18 2013 (52394B4A)

    Install PowerISO to replace it.

    Finally, uninstall AMD driver software normally. Reboot. Then install latest WHQL driver from AMD. Do not use CCC to create profiles, so AODDriver2.sys is not ever loaded. You have some funk going on with 2 versions installed - and that's no good at all. (Disable AMD Fuel service if necessary.)

    If you follow this all well to a tee, you will have a bitchin' system. So, enjoy it. (Re-enable Hardware acceleration. That's a poor workaround that you will not require at all.)
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    Thank you for a fast response! I greatly appreciate it , but I have a few questions. Is Kaspersky a cause or an issue towards my BSOD? I only ask because I paid money for it and would be very displeasing to find out that it's more of an negative impact than a positive one. Also, For uninstalling "CSVirtualDiskDrv CSVirtualDiskDrv.sys" - do I just delete the system files from Win32 or is there a sort of program that does so safely?
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    I don't answer those types of questions, as policy. I'm just tired of it, to be perfectly honest.

    CSVitualDiskDrv is to what I showed at the link: InfoWatch Virtual Disk driver

    It should be a program to uninstall normally.

    Like I said - follow it all well and the system will rule. If you don't then it's out of my hands. Best of luck.
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    Windows 8.1 x64

    I'm sorry this must be a very noob question but how do I use Driver Reference Table - CSVirtualDiskDrv.sys to uninstall that system file? There isn't an option or anything to run.
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    Two more things to uninstall are PC Tools Registry Mechanic and DriverAgent.

    Those ASUS drivers can also be to AI Suite - just make sure they're updated when all is said and done.

    When the system is perfectly stable for some days after all of the above, install ASUS GPU Tweak instead of using CCC to set clocks, if you still wish to do so.
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BSOD "atikmdag.sys" (yes I've looked for solutions)
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