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BSOD rtsustor.sys

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    Windows 8.1

    BSOD rtsustor.sys

    These BSDS's seem to be specific and a search did not come up with this particular one.

    I'm running Windows 8.1 and for the last couple of weeks, my desktop has been locking up with my HDD running constantly. I can be using the computer or the computer can be unattended. The only thing that is somewhat consistent is that it seems to happen at roughly the same time during the day - around 1:00 pm or thereabouts. Today it was 1:11. Most of the time I just reboot, but today I just let it run until it either resolved itself or I got an error message.

    My BSOD was System Thread Exception Not Handled rtsustor.sys. This appears to be a Realtek mass storage driver in the System 32.drivers file.

    Once I was able to get into the Task Manager quickly enough and it showed the Com Surrogate (32 bit) process running at 15%. Event Viewer shows a warning just before these events... request to allocate ephemeral port number from global TCP ports space failed due to all ports being in use. After ALL of these events, my Cisco USB WiFi adapter is disabled. Unplugging and plugging it back in enable it immediately.

    The computer and all three browsers behave normally at all other times. I can't remember anything new or different that might coincide, but my old brain cells have been known to go on walk-about now and then.

    My SF Diagnostic Tool file is attached. Thank you!

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    Update card reader driver from Realtek's site.

    : kd> lmvm rtsustor
    start             end                 module name
    fffff800`04191000 fffff800`041d2000   RtsUStor T (no symbols)           
        Loaded symbol image file: RtsUStor.sys
        Image path: RtsUStor.sys
        Image name: RtsUStor.sys
        Timestamp:        Wed Jul 04 21:59:11 2012 (4FF4F4EF)
        CheckSum:         00044502
        ImageSize:        00041000
        Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
    If it still crashes after, disable it in bios.

    Update this driver or uninstall software/hardware instead:

    AE2500w764 AE2500w764.sys Mon Mar 28 20:22:08 2011 (4D912630)

    Update drivers from Creative and DeathAdder manufacturer. If no update, remove hardware from the system:

    CT20XUT CT20XUT.SYS Wed May 05 09:01:28 2010 (4BE16C28)
    fffff800`036f3000 fffff800`037a1000 ctac32k ctac32k.sys Wed Jul 02 04:38:22 2008 (486B3E7E)
    fffff800`02152000 fffff800`021f7700 ctaud2k ctaud2k.sys Wed May 05 08:59:48 2010 (4BE16BC4)
    fffff800`038c9000 fffff800`03a26000 CTEXFIFX CTEXFIFX.SYS Wed May 05 09:01:21 2010 (4BE16C21)
    fffff800`037a1000 fffff800`037bc000 CTHWIUT CTHWIUT.SYS Wed May 05 09:01:32 2010 (4BE16C2C)
    fffff800`0184c000 fffff800`0187d000 ctoss2k ctoss2k.sys Wed May 05 08:57:46 2010 (4BE16B4A)
    fffff800`02fde000 fffff800`02fe6000 ctprxy2k ctprxy2k.sys Wed May 05 08:59:51 2010 (4BE16BC7)
    fffff800`036bb000 fffff800`036f3000 ctsfm2k ctsfm2k.sys Wed May 05 08:57:33 2010 (4BE16B3D)
    dadder dadder.sys Thu Aug 02 05:33:03 2007 (46B1A4CF)
    emupia2k emupia2k.sys Wed May 05 08:57:27 2010 (4BE16B37)
    ha20x2k ha20x2k.sys Wed May 05 08:59:10 2010 (4BE16B9E)

    Remove Tages driver:

    lirsgt lirsgt.sys Mon Sep 28 11:10:35 2009 (4AC0D1EB)

    Uninstall software that installed this driver:

    PxHlpa64 PxHlpa64.sys Tue Oct 20 14:08:42 2009 (4ADDFCAA)

    Uninstall old Acronis software:

    snapman snapman.sys Wed Mar 09 08:22:38 2011 (4D777F1E)
    timntr timntr.sys Thu Jul 29 13:29:24 2010 (4C51BA74)
    vididr vididr.sys Tue Apr 12 07:31:24 2011 (4DA4380C)
    vsflt53 vsflt53.sys Tue Apr 12 07:31:35 2011 (4DA43817)

    Update old VIA HD Audio driver:

    viahduaa viahduaa.sys Thu Aug 02 21:31:13 2012 (501B29E1)
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    Windows 8.1

    Will do... Going to do one at a time - started with the USB card reader.

    Cisco has never updated drivers for my WiFi adapter... my last Cisco product due to horrible driver support. I have no flipping idea what the one from October is. Have to do some digging on that one.
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BSOD rtsustor.sys
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