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Very randomly occurring BSOD with different error codes

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    Ram timings and voltage set accordingly. Should I also tune my ram speed down from 1600mhz?
    Also is there any difference in using command mode 1 or 2?

    With those settings I was able to use my computer for few hours without problem until in the middle of a youtube video I got bsod. This time minidump was corrupted and couldn't open or be zipped so I can't post it here.

    Will post new dumps after I get another crash.

    EDIT: So crashed again while watching youtube. this time I got a working dump

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    That's "command rate" - um, ya, set it to 2T.

    No, 800 MHz in CPU-Z (1600 MHz effective) should be good for that RAM but if you must try something, lower it to 667/1333 effective.

    For good measure, you can post any new crashes just to verify I did not miss anything and you did everything well too.

    Edit: Ya, all drivers are good now for sure. Try what I just said about speed (you will not even notice ANY difference) but it could also be that RAM is defective. If it crashes more like that, contact company for replacement.

    You could also inspect your motherboard to ensure that there are no leaking capacitors, especially near the CPU. Also, if they are electrolytic, they should NOT have rounded tops. They should be perfectly flat.
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    Windows 8.1 professional

    Hello again.

    I pulled my motherboard out from my case as a last resort to see if I have any blown capacitors. Everything seemed to be the way they should. After building all pieces together I hoped for the best and turned on my comp only to see another bsod pretty much right away.

    Out of curiosity I read my motherboards manual and found compatible ram section and funny thing kingston is not listed there...its close. Then searching web for more info I found out there are indeed others with exact same memory sticks with similar problems on an asus board.

    Made a decision to order a new motherboard and maybe new set of ram (maybe stay away from these brands). If you have any good recommendations I would happily like to hear.

    I will mark this post "solved" and would like to thank you so much for your time trying to help me out. You're awesome! Thank you.
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    You're welcome.

    You can never go wrong with ASUS. That's my favorite brand of motherboard, although I have never owned one myself. Thrown some middle-of-the-road normal RAM in there. Nothing fancy. Best bet.
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Very randomly occurring BSOD with different error codes
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