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Computer freezing, and black screens of death

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    Update: Spent most of the day working on the computer. I think I finally have all 100+ updates loaded. Along the way, I had some hard drive errors that had to be repaired by Windows 8. They look to be fine now. I also had to use the DISM command to fix Windows update because there were a few updates that weren't working. The computer at times had problems loading up when restarting as I'd get a black screen between 2 and a half to 6 and a half minutes before finally getting to the lock screen. However, everything seems to be normal at this point.

    One note. I'd noticed that on the last install I had, I had a Windows (0) folder, a Users (0) folder, and I believe a Program data (0) and a Program File (0) folder, along with the regular Windows, Users, etc folders. I was kind of wondering if it had to do with Windows update, but after all the updates this time, I don't have them, so I don't know what they are or what effect if any they had on the system.

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    Long boot up times on restarts

    Ok, so here's what I'm noticing.

    For the most part, the system has been fine. The only abnormality I'm seeing is that on restarts, it's taking abnormally long to boot up. Namely, the time between the opening windows screen and the lock screen. Usually, it takes 2-3 minutes, the last time it took over 7. Once it starts, though, everything seems fine.

    If I just shut down, and then start the computer, then everything starts normally. Why, I don't know, but I'm including the files to see if you can find anything.

    Two more things, in my BIOS, there's an option for fast boots. It's disabled for now, but is it better to turn it on or keep it off.

    Finally, I haven't loaded up the Intel Rapid start utility and driver. Is it recommended that I put it in? Windows kept insisting that I upload Smart Connect because my chipset was "missing a driver" (I didn't install it), but mentioned nothing about Rapid Start. I'm assuming I don't need it, since I'm not using sleep mode, but what do you think?
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    More restart and booting problems

    Had a very bizarre last 18 hours or so and am posting the logs. I think there was actually a minidump this time.

    I was trying to figure out what was wrong with the restart. It was taking up to 7 minutes to restart. I tried taking out my USB drives, and it actually seemed to speed things up a bit. Then, this morning when I tried to shut down, it took about ten minutes to do so.

    For much of this evening, regular shutdown took anywhere between 5-10 minutes, and in once case didn't shut down at all.

    A couple of times on trying a reboot, Windows froze at the opening screen, and twice shut down the computer completely. Once I even got a message that Windows "had problems with startup and has sent a message to Microsoft."

    At any rate, for some reason, things have returned to "normal"(meaning regular shutdowns and reboots work properly, with restarts still being a problem). Why, I don't know. One thing I did do was take out a USB webcam, but whether that actually did anything, I don't know. It didn't seem to have any immediate effect.

    At any rate, I'm avoiding restarts for the time being. If there's any info from the dumps, I'd appreciate any insight Masterchief or anyone else reading this might have.
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    Spoke too soon. Computer not shutting down quickly as it should again. I'll see tomorrow morning how it boots up.
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Computer freezing, and black screens of death
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