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Random Reboots - Cannot reproduce issue on command

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    Random Reboots - Cannot reproduce issue on command

    I've been dealing with a bit of an issue with my rig for the past few weeks. The computer will randomly reboot with absolutely no warning and seemingly no trace left on the computer (no dumps, etc).

    At first I thought it was a bad power supply. I happen to have redundant power supplies so I tried both of them by themselves. It seems unlikely that both PSU's would have exactly the same problem.

    It's possible that folding proteins on my CPU and GPU are stressing something out and causing it to happen, but it's too random for me to tell for sure.

    Basic system specs:

    Windows 8.1 Pro x64
    Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme
    CPU: Intel i7-3970x at standard clock speed (3.5GHz, 4.0Ghz turbo, cooled with XSPC Watercooling block)
    GPU: EVGA GTX 690 with XSPC Watercooling block installed (standard clock)
    Memory: 32GB Corsair Dominator Platinum (4*8GB)
    PSU: 1000W EVGA Supernova 1000G2 (I have two of these, originally, I split the load between them)
    Storage: Samsung 840 EVO 1 Terabyte SSD
    Samsung HD103UJ 7200rpm 1 Terabyte HDD
    And a hodgepodge of watercooling parts and a crapload of fans (like 21 of them in total)

    And, of course, I have attached the diagnostic file

    EDIT: Minidump added, Storage solution added to specs
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    Force a bsod on purpose from the keyboard, and then re-run the log collection tool and post the results.

    We will have a much more accurate look at the system that way.

    In addition, please post a screenshot of CPU-Z 1st tab, one of memory tab, then one screenshot each for each stick of RAM of the SPD tab.

    Monitor temps with GPU-Z and Speedfan to ensure they stay within specification range, especially while folding. Nice setup though. Thumbs up.

    A guess of the top of my head is that we need to install some good ASUS stuff from proper hidden places lol. We will see about it all.

    I can already see for sure that you need to install latest Asmedia USB 3.0 driver and Intel INF Update.

    Also, Intel storage driver from or needs to be installed:

    Name    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
    Manufacturer    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
    Status    OK
    PNP Device ID    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0612&SUBSYS_84B71043&REV_01\4&100173A9&0&00E7
    I/O Port    0x0000D050-0x0000D057
    I/O Port    0x0000D040-0x0000D043
    I/O Port    0x0000D030-0x0000D037
    I/O Port    0x0000D020-0x0000D023
    I/O Port    0x0000D000-0x0000D01F
    Memory Address    0xFB200000-0xFB2001FF
    IRQ Channel    IRQ 19
    Driver    c:\windows\system32\drivers\storahci.sys (6.3.9600.16384, 105.34 KB (107,872 bytes), 8/22/2013 6:40 AM)
    Name    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
    Manufacturer    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
    Status    OK
    PNP Device ID    PCI\VEN_1B21&DEV_0612&SUBSYS_84B71043&REV_01\4&1DFF6D82&0&00E5
    I/O Port    0x0000E050-0x0000E057
    I/O Port    0x0000E040-0x0000E043
    I/O Port    0x0000E030-0x0000E037
    I/O Port    0x0000E020-0x0000E023
    I/O Port    0x0000E000-0x0000EFFF
    Memory Address    0xFB300000-0xFB3FFFFF
    IRQ Channel    IRQ 17
    Driver    c:\windows\system32\drivers\storahci.sys (6.3.9600.16384, 105.34 KB (107,872 bytes), 8/22/2013 6:40 AM)
    Name    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
    Manufacturer    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
    Status    OK
    PNP Device ID    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1D02&SUBSYS_84EF1043&REV_06\3&11583659&0&FA
    I/O Port    0x0000F090-0x0000F097
    I/O Port    0x0000F080-0x0000F083
    I/O Port    0x0000F070-0x0000F077
    I/O Port    0x0000F060-0x0000F063
    I/O Port    0x0000F020-0x0000F03F
    Memory Address    0xFB825000-0xFB8257FF
    IRQ Channel    IRQ 20
    Driver    c:\windows\system32\drivers\storahci.sys (6.3.9600.16384, 105.34 KB (107,872 bytes), 8/22/2013 6:40 AM)
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    Hee hee, you have to respect an operating system that will give you detailed instructions on how to make it explode.

    I have added the minidump file from the manually initiated crash. Also, I realized I forgot to add the storage specs, so I did.

    As for the fixes provided, I'll let you know how those go once I've gotten some sleep. It's 6:49am here and I just got off work.
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    Haha, yes about explosion.

    As I assumed, an ASUS driver needs to be updated:

    AsUpIO   AsUpIO.sys   Mon Aug 02 22:47:59 2010 (4C57835F)
    To update the driver, go to your motherboard model's page. It will be in Downloads/Utilities section. You will probably have to look at Windows 7 for the newest update to it. (It will likely belong to whatever you see there that you have already installed. AI Suite or similar.)

    All other drivers look ok - but should definitely deal with storage as per above, too.
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    It did it again. About 4 hours ago. I have attached another report. I wasn't at the computer when it happened.
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    Since I can't see any new crash dumps at all because they don't exist, nothing to say.

    You should uninstall Cisco though.

    Storage driver not installed.
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    I ran the Asus Update Utility that comes with the AISuite. Guess it missed that one. As for Cisco, I unfortunately need the Cisco VPN to access campus resources when off campus here at Illinois State University. I cannot do my computer science course work without it. I'll make another crash dump when I get off work at 6am.
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    It's most likely of everything to be causing issues.
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    I can't shake the horrible feeling that one of the very expensive components on this computer might be defective or damaged. Even if I did have warranties, replacing watercooled components is a massive chore.
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    I did some looking and AsUpIO.sys is at its latest version. It can be found by navigating to ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download Rampage IV Extreme, selecting Windows 8.1 64bit, going to Utilities, and downloading the latest AiSuite. When you extract the folder, navigate to AsusUpdate/AppSetup/AsUpIo and you will see that the driver signing date is exactly the same as the date you listed above.
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Random Reboots - Cannot reproduce issue on command
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