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    In the past I have gotten this same BSOD on rare occasions (and was too busy/not bothered enough to troubleshoot in-depth outside of updating my GPU drivers), but recently (perhaps right when I hooked up my new 22" monitor to replace my old 19", but I'm not exactly sure) it has started happening a lot, up to a few times every day. I've had it happen while trying to upload images to posts on imageboards, while browsing the internet, loading a game, and even when a game has just loaded. It is extremely frustrating because first whatever program I am interacting with stops working, and anything else I touch afterwords follows suit (including explorer), before the BSOD finally happens anywhere from 3-5 minutes later (though after a few I just been hitting my reset button because I don't want to wait for it to happen, hence the lack of .dmp files).

    I accidentally deleted one of the .dmp files and it's name changed to something crazy when I restored it, hence the oddly named .dmp in the zip.

    Also, I'm installing the latest GPU drivers right now (last month some new ones came out I missed), but I still decided I should post this because I've seen other people with the same issue have random other drivers/files as the cause, and I'd like to know if the .dmp files are indicative of another problem I should be dealing with.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Uninstall Daemon Tools Lite and replace with PowerISO.
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    Is that what has been causing my BSODs?
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