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BSOD(possible)driver issues (geforce exp./780ti)

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    BSOD(possible)driver issues (geforce exp./780ti)

    Hey there!

    I built a new pc back in december. Specs are in my profile page, if they can help with this issue! :]

    Anyways, Today Geforce Experience told me of a new WHQL driver that was released for my card. I went to go install it, then pushed the window to the side. I was doing other things, and was fairly busy at the time.

    I come back to the Geforce Experience window about 15-20 minutes later, and i notice that the download bar hasnt begun downloading, its stuck at 0 bytes. So, i go to close the program, and try to boot it again to see if that helps.

    It seems at that point that GExp had hung somehow, so I went and terminated the task via my task manager. I went to go start the program again, and it suddenly started saying "Unable to connect to NVIDIA, Please try again later". Then it creates a white box that hangs on my desktop until i kill the program.

    As i said before, i was busy, and i needed to get some other things done, so i resolved to handle this problem later. However, moments later Skype crashed on me, and my chrome tabs started crashing. I was listening to music via at the time, and the music started stuttering as well, so i knew a BSOD was on the way. When it did come, it crashed due to "Cache Manager". I let it do its thing, and reboot my system.

    I started booting up my programs, hoping that this was just a one-time thing, but GExp was doing the same thing, unfortunately. At that time, I attempted to reboot Skype, but it said that the executable was corrupted, and that I'd have to reinstall.

    I tried to research solutions to this problem as well, but shortly after opening skype, and chrome, my browser tabs started crashing again, so i expected the BSOD. As expected, my system crashed again. However, this time, i got a different error. "IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL". I looked into this one specifically, and while many people mentioned that it could be due to memory issues, a few people mentioned that it might be graphics drivers related. As i was fiddling with my graphics drivers just before these issues happened, I figured that was more likely the problem, and started there.

    I went ahead to reinstall my graphics drivers, but before i did that, i took a msinfo and dxdiag for you guys to look at, if you'd need it:

    So, I uninstalled my drivers. Take note, i did it via the control panel, as opposed to the device manager. I reboot, and the drivers automatically reinstalled. Taking note of this, i went ahead and uninstalled the drivers via the device manager, then uninstalled any straggling drivers from the control panel. At this point, geforce experience and all nvidia drivers were removed from my computer.

    I reboot as suggested, and then decided to reinstall my drivers. I started with geforce experience, as its supposed to be able to install all the drivers by itself. However, during installation, it says that Shadowplay failed to install, but geforce experience was successfully installed.

    Now, when trying to boot up geforce experience, it says again, "cannot connect to NVIDIA, please try again later" and that white hanging window that i have to close.

    After this, i attempted to reinstall the drivers directly from the graphics driver download, from This time, i downloaded the driver i was on last (331.82 - WHQL) instead of the update that may/may not have caused problems, 332.21 - WHQL. The first download seems to have failed, as while unpacking it, there was a 7zip error that lead me to believe the download was corrupt. I deleted the file, and redownloaded it (thank yooou 110mb internet!) This one was able to unpack just fine, and the drivers installed smoothly, however GExp was still not functioning correctly.

    I figured that this was maybe an issue with admin privileges, so i went ahead and tried to run it as an administrator. Thats when things just dont make much sense. The "cannot connect" popup doesnt show anymore, but the app still hangs. This time, however, on a black screen, instead of a white screen.

    I went to go uninstall it, as now that the drivers are installed correctly, that might have been part of the problem. However, there doesnt seem to be a way to uninstall it. its not listed under my programs in the control panel, and there are no uninstall exe's in the program directory.

    Not really sure where to go from here :S Any help given would be much appreciated!


    Just as i was about to post this thread, my system crashed yet again. This time the error code was MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. That means theres been 3 types of crashes. CACHE_MANAGER, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUALS, and MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. I ran the diagnostic tool once more after the third crash, and i've uploaded it again.




    So, after a few more crashes, it seems as though Geforce Experience decided to show up on my programs list. I've uninstalled it, and now it seems as though the crashes have resolved themselves. However, I'm certain that if i reinstall GExp, it will bring the problems back again. Not sure whats going on here, but I'll likely have to submit a bug report for NVIDIA to look at over this issue. I'd like to leave the thread open, as i'm not 100% sure if these crashes have been resolved, and I'd like someone more experienced than I to comment on this. However, if i dont experience a crash by tomorrow night, i'll mark it as resolved :]
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    If you can't work too long before a crash in normal mode, boot to safe mode + networking instead, if necessary.

    Download/install/run CPU-Z.

    Type snippingtool into the Start menu then press Enter. Use it to make a screenshot of CPU-Z Memory tab.

    Then, make a screenshot of the SPD tab - one for each stick of RAM you have. So if two sticks, two screenshots for this...etc... (Change the slot # to get to others, in top left of tab.)

    Please attach the saved screenshots (.jpg format is good) to a new post here.

    Remove any external drives attached to the machine for now, if any. (Like USB, etc...)
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BSOD(possible)driver issues (geforce exp./780ti)
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