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    Windows 8


    It seems to come in waves. The system will crash with this error at seemingly random times than reboot into the error a couple of times before settling down.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

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    Hey there.

    All of your crashes are precisely the same C5 bug check, so I do not suspect a memory issue at this time. I do however, suspect some driver as the culprit.

    Want to fix your machine? I'm sure you do.

    Uninstall Symantec/Norton software with the tool they offer to do so.

    Reboot and set the Windows Firewall and Windows Defender services to automatic and start them too. Type services.msc into the start screen then press Enter to get to the settings page for them.

    Have fun.

    On another note, if you have a Microsoft Keyboard and/or mouse attached to this system, try to update the driver from them:

    3: kd> lmvm dc3d
    start             end                 module name
    fffff880`1d347000 fffff880`1d359000   dc3d       (deferred)             
        Image path: \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\dc3d.sys
        Image name: dc3d.sys
        Timestamp:        Wed May 18 04:07:24 2011 (4DD37E3C)
        CheckSum:         00015D2A
        ImageSize:        00012000
        Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
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    Windows 8

    Removed Norton. Same error.

    I'll check into the mouse driver. I don't usually have a MS mouse attached and there were certainly plenty of crashd before that particular mouse was introduced. Somehow, I'm somewhat skeptical.

    The only major change I can think of is recent a VirtualBox update. I suppose I'm in denial about that one. Still, I'll try uninstalling it to see if it has any effect.

    Thanks again.
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    You're welcome.

    Norton/Symantec software is still very much active in your latest crash dump, and for sure, it is the issue here.

    As stated, please use the removal tool from them to rid of it. Safe mode usage is best, but Windows 8 needs special steps to get to it. You can find resources about that here on this very site.

    In any case, we can remove it manually if you seem to be stuck with it.

    Let us know, please and best of luck.

    From latest crash:

    SRTSP64  SRTSP64.SYS  Mon Apr 22 18:26:52 2013 (5175B92C)
    SYMDS64  SYMDS64.SYS  Thu Apr 25 19:19:47 2013 (5179BA13)
    SYMEFA64 SYMEFA64.SYS Fri Jan 18 19:31:37 2013 (50F9E969)
    SYMEVENT64x86 SYMEVENT64x86.SYS Wed Aug 22 01:33:18 2012 (50346F1E)
    SYMNETS  SYMNETS.SYS  Tue Apr 09 19:24:13 2013 (5164A31D)
    Uninstall WinPcap old driver (It is possible that this is what caused Norton to malfunction):

    WPRO_41_2001 WPRO_41_2001.sys Mon Nov 07 16:04:48 2011

    Update with this if you still want to use it:

    WinPcap - Home
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    Whoops, my bad. I have just now seen your *latest* crash dump and indeed, Norton is gone.

    Please see about that WinPcap issue for now.

    Also important:

    either uninstall (if possible, better - I'm not sure if this is mandatory or not - so look into it if you too do not know) or update Hewlett Packard Smart Adapter software. SmrtAdptr.exe
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