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Experiencing Multiple Crashes-Whea Uncorrecatble Error

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    Experiencing Multiple Crashes-Whea Uncorrecatble Error

    I am having several different BSODs that happen completely at random. It does not appear to have anything to do with any particular software that I am using. It has been occurring with Windows 8 and 8.1. I have reformatted several times since I have been experiencing the issue. It all seemed to start when I had first got this graphics card about a year ago. The graphics card I am running is an Asus 7870 DCU2. I had RMA'd the first one I had and then this is the replacement. I originally thought that it was just that I had received a bad card but it happened to the second one as well.

    Normally I could go a few days even a week or two without any blue screens but lately it has seemed to get pretty bad. I have had hard lockups that I can't do anything and also BSOD crashes that have been occurring quite frequently, a few times a day. I have done every driver update that I could think about updating.

    I am not sure as to what other information that is needed that I should of included because I would assume that the "SF Diagnostic Tool" would of gathered my hardware information.
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    Already, as I opened your second crash dump without even looking at the first yet, I see the dreaded 0x124 hardware stop error involving hal. Not good. Could be a hardware fault, but likely not, so no worries yet.

    But on the other hand, you came to right place, surely. Let's see what we can do to tame the beast.

    1) Especially since your machine is in a drastic state, and because it is a high likelihood of the cause, I'd remove AVG immediately. Safe mode is best to do this, with the tool they offer to do it with.

    For testing now and even permanently if you'd like, I recommend to use MSE to replace it. In Windows 8, it is already on the system. To enable it, use services.msc to start the Windows Defender service and set it to automatic.

    2) TuneUp Utilities? Uninstall. Not only does it add unnecessary drivers to the machine, you don't need it at all.

    3) These drivers must be updated:

    LV302V64 LV302V64.SYS Sat Jul 26 11:09:08 2008 (488B3E14)
    lv302a64 lv302a64.sys Sat Jul 26 11:06:31 2008 (488B3D77)
    LVUSBS64 LVUSBS64.sys Sat Jul 26 11:06:36 2008
    They're for your camera. Here is a link to go to to see what you can come up with to install:

    Logitech Support - Downloads, Manuals, FAQs & More

    0x124 is drastic, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the above does well for you. If not, time to get really nasty with the machine. heh Let us know please...
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    Well I have uninstalled AVG. Right after my first boot I enabled MSE and as im about to close out of it, Windows hangs and I could still max and minimize chrome it was the only other window I had open MSE was still open too but I could not do anything with it. Control alt delete didn't even work. I had to do another manual reboot. It has been really bad today for some reason I don't know why.

    As for the camera drivers I will update those as well but I have had the issues without the camera even being added to the system. I never used it until recently. So I think it can almost be ruled out that it is not the issue.
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    I see what you're saying from your point of view, but nothing can be ruled out. (Very well could be various/numerous issues.)

    One step at a time and we'll get there somehow, someway - unless hardware actually is damaged - but even in that case, we will know it.

    Like I said though, one step at a time.

    Please complete all of the above and after, if there is a crash, the new crash dump will be golden to have.
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    OK. I Removed AVG, AVG PC Tuneup. Updated webcam drivers. Now I just wait and hope for the best. I will post back here as soon as anything happens. Thank you for your help.
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    So far still no blue screens. But it doesn't mean that it is fixed yet. I have went longer times than this with no blue screens and then had one come up but I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by xTheOlahx View Post
    So far still no blue screens. But it doesn't mean that it is fixed yet. I have went longer times than this with no blue screens and then had one come up but I'm just keeping my fingers crossed!
    You have never received help from me, previously.

    (Ducks as new bsod happens as I open my big mouth!)

    hahah I'm playin' around with ya.

    Thanks for the update, glad to hear it, and here's to continued success!

    (If not, we'd do what we do to fix it!)
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Experiencing Multiple Crashes-Whea Uncorrecatble Error
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