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Can't access computer to fix BSOD

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    Can't access computer to fix BSOD

    I've searched on line to try and resolve this BSOD.
    Problem is on the affected computer I have not access to download or fix anything.
    I just have the blue screen, and can't do anything on that PC?

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    Just for the heck of it I did a Ctr-alt-delete and it got me to task manager. From there I went to open file location, which gave me access to my desk top. Still have the blue screen so can't work from there, will have to maneuver through Ctrl-alt-delete.
    But at least, fortunately I have sites on my desk top, I can open a site and access from the tool bar of that site for information, I hope I'm able to find a site that will resolve this issue, weird?
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    You can boot to safe mode + networking to get us the file requested in the instructions here.

    Another way is to attach the hard drive to another working machine, and go from there.

    If you do that, all you'd need to do is to take ownership of X:\Windows\Minidump (where X is the hard drive letter you just moved) then also do the same for the files inside there. Copy/paste the files to any other folder then zip or rar them. Attach here.
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    Thanks MasterChief, I was able to solve it real easy with just a little research. I'm not savvy enough on a PC to go through all the steps you pros can do, but thank a million for the reply.
    Just an old retired Chief, HMC Fleet Marine Force
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    Cool deal. Glad to hear it man. If issues persist, we'll do what we can. Enjoy it.
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Can't access computer to fix BSOD
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