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Frequent reboot without BSOD and dump files

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    Frequent reboot without BSOD and dump files

    I have frequent reboots (only today: 3).

    My new windows 8.1 notebook stops working, then restarts (sometimes I can have ALT+TAB working, but mouse and/or keyboard stops responding and after 5 minutes PC restarts).

    By the way I changed my pagefile configuration forcing it to 16 gb (so dump files will be created).
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    Win 8 Pro ITA

    Add this info. sfc /scannow ok. Latest driver installed. No virus, spyware, etc. No antivirus installed (only windows defender).

    Today my PC works well (I have to wait some days to confirm). I disabled all toshiba software (no more reboots, now only video freezes) and - maybe this is the key - I've found a deinterlace option in catalyst driver - video settings (option enabled by default). I disabled this option and cross my fingers.

    Have a look here, I'm not the only one with this Toshiba problem: Toshiba Satellite running AMD A6 processor keeps freezing when - Microsoft Community
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    There are no dump files included. Best to set the pagefile so Windows handles it all automatically. i.e. "stock" setting

    For now, I can tell you to uninstall TeamViewer because in other materials provided by you, I can see its driver is from 2007. That's a definite issue right there and may be your complete fix.

    This driver should definitely be updated to latest:

    PEGAGFN.sys Kernel 05/08/2009 07:50:46

    Driver Reference Table - PEGAGFN.sys

    and the same goes for these:

    SiSRaid2 SiSRaid2 Kernel 24/09/2008 20:28:20
    SiSRaid4 SiSRaid4 Kernel 01/10/2008 23:56:04

    For those last two SiS drivers, if you can't find how to update them, leave it be until we see a crash dump, hopefully. (Or not, depending on how you look at at, heh.)

    Good luck.
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    Win 8 Pro ITA

    No problem today with my PC. I uninstalled PEGAGFN.sys file (Toshiba Password Utility). About SiSRaid2 and SiSRaid4 i don't find them in device manager and also with DriverView of Nirsoft I can't locate them.

    They are present in regedit with these info:

    Silicon Integrated System Corp
    SiS 180 Raid controller
    SiS 965/966 182/1182 RAID Controller

    Silicon Integrated System Corp
    SiS Storport AHCI Controller

    I still have to update them (on there aren't version for windows 8).

    PC looks stable, this evening I'll try with video streaming from internet. If it will be so stable in next days I'll mark as solved.

    Have a nice day and thank you
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    Forget the SiS drivers entirely and don't install anything for them. The ones on your machine are likely not even active or loaded into memory, so no harm, no foul.

    You too have a nice day and you're welcome.

    Yeah, yeah - let us know how it continues to go, regardless if well or not. If not, it will be sooner rather than later.

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    Win 8 Pro ITA

    Ok, after massive testing no more freezes and reboots. Thank you for your precious support!
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    Best of luck with continued success and enjoy. Thanks for letting us know and you're welcome.
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Frequent reboot without BSOD and dump files
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