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System_thread_exception_not_handled (L1C63x64.sys)

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    Windows 8

    I followed Masterchief's exact instructions and my computer still crashed after a while

    Also I decided to reinstall Norton 360 and Microsoft sent an update through the action center to repair errors on my drive but the update froze

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    I don't agree with the re-installation of Norton for various reasons, even if it works flawlessly for you in the future. But please don't misunderstand; that's just my opinion being told, and nothing more.

    Obviously, there is something else amiss on the machine with regards to networking.

    I did think about this before I posted lasted time, but also, I did miss something as well.

    2: kd> lmvm netr28x
    start             end                 module name
    fffff880`064c2000 fffff880`06726000   netr28x    (deferred)            
        Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\netr28x.sys
        Image name: netr28x.sys
        Timestamp:        Fri Apr 12 22:22:01 2013 (5168C149)
        CheckSum:         00264425
        ImageSize:        00264000
        Translations:     0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
    That's the Ralink wireless driver. Let's see about updating that for good measure.

    This link may help you -OR- please visit the actual manufacturer's page instead for an update:

    MediaTek - Downloads Windows

    Again for good measure, even if unrelated, please update your Microsoft mouse and/or keyboard driver:

    dc3d dc3d.sys Wed May 18 04:07:24 2011 (4DD37E3C)

    And finally for now and for testing purposes, can you please go into the Device Manager and disable all Bluetooth items? Let's see how the machine behaves after all of the above and take it from there. I really do not see anything else network related with drivers, but perhaps I still have missed something.

    You know your machine better than I - is there any kind of networking specific software like a a helper or anything along those lines that you have installed previously?
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    I made a separate post because I would like your attention on this apart from all the rest:

    HP Dot4Net Windows -OR- IEEE-1284.4-1999 Network Driver for Windows -OR- all of the HP Connected service stuff, HP Cue Device Discovery, HP Network Devices Support

    If you have either of those in the uninstall programs list, go ahead and uninstall.

    If not, for now, do this instead:

    Type services.msc into the Start screen the press Enter. Disable these services, then reboot:

    Net Driver HPZ12 Net Driver HPZ12 Running Auto Own Process c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k hpz12 Normal NT AUTHORITY\LocalService 0

    Pml Driver HPZ12 Pml Driver HPZ12 Running Auto Own Process c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe -k hpz12 Normal NT AUTHORITY\LocalService 0
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    Windows 8

    I did your first instructions and the computer still crashed

    So I uninstalled all the HP software but I am having trouble uninstalling HP support information as it wont let me uninstall from the program menu or by just deleting the folder containing its files
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    Ok, very cool.

    Perhaps you have already gotten rid of the offending software.

    If you feel like it, you can re-run the logs collection tool and post the results again.

    I'll be able to see if HP networking stuff is active or not.

    It might just be true that you've already fixed the machine.
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    Windows 8

    Hey I uninstalled all the HP stuff except for HP support information which cannot be uninstalled from the programs menu

    but it still crashed
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    Honestly (I don't things otherwise. I always am.) - It wouldn't be prudent of me to not highly suggest the complete removal of Norton/Symantec. You have a network issue that's drastic enough to be crashing a machine. The first step in any diagnosis is exactly to remove any 3rd party security present.

    So basically, in a nice way, I'm trying to say that having re-installed it was a step in the wrong direction. On the other hand, good job with doing things with other stuff.

    So there's that - AND -

    Simply, try renaming these files to .bak, then reboot:

    hpzinw12 70.00 KB (71,680 bytes) 6/08/2010 11:15 AM Hewlett-Packard c:\windows\system32\hpzinw12.dll
    hpzipm12 87.50 KB (89,600 bytes) 6/08/2010 11:15 AM Hewlett-Packard c:\windows\system32\hpzipm12.dll

    That will stop the HP services I want to see rid of, for now, for testing.

    Use either Unlocker (software) on them - OR - Windows Safe Mode, to rename, if normal mode will not let you.
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    Windows 8

    Hey I uninstalled Norton and renamed the filed to .bak but it still crashed
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    Your situation is not just a little unusual, big rather, extremely unusual.

    The network driver is crashing for each crash and that is a constant. I am unable to find any drivers that I do not like. Perhaps out of 10s of thousands of machines I've seen, I've never seen this before - where a specific issue continues with all good drivers.


    1) Uninstall Glarysoft software

    2) Uninstall Apple software. The Bonjour service of theirs is well known to be able to mess up network settings and even make a connection fail to work. I have never known it to cause bsods, but as stated above, you have a highly unusual situation here. Less variables to consider (for now, until fixed!) - the better.

    3) Cyberlink has a 2011 Virtual Drive driver installed and another older one from before 8's release, too. I have never once seen a machine that suffered from Cyberlink software in any way, but again here, we're grasping at straws. Uninstall recommended until fixed.

    4) Rename this file to .BAK then reboot:

    rtbth RTBTH Bluetooth Device Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\rtbth.sys Kernel Driver Yes Manual Running OK Normal No Yes

    5) This one falls into the category of "yeah, why not - it's a decent idea" - no matter how unlikely it is to help - update the router's firmware to latest.

    See about the same for the motherboard, from its maker.

    I've got to say, great job with everything. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this. I don't ever give up. heh
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    Windows 8

    I dont think i have Glarysoft software but i uninstalled all apple software and cyberlink and renamed the file to .BAK

    and the router said I have the latest router firmware as the type of router has been discontinued
    Also I updated the motherboard driver but the computer still crashed
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System_thread_exception_not_handled (L1C63x64.sys)
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