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BSOD while playing on msi gt70 dragon edition 2

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    They do have several BIOS and EC Firmware updates. Both of which I have updated.

    I gave my old laptop to daughter along with the M510 that I was using for about a year. This particular M510 is about a year old as well, but was stuck in my closet and never used. USB devices, when damaged, can cause BSODs. I know I'm grasping at straws here, but I would be ecstatic if the wireless dongle was bad and that's all it was. The alternative is to try to prove to the manufacturer that their motherboard is unstable without any consistent way of proving so.

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    windows 7

    I have an msi gt70-1763 that has this exact same issue. I have ran memtest, prime95, and futuremark literally for days with no errors. I can run heavy games like BF4 with no crashing. If i run steam games or brows the web on any browser that's when they come. BSOD, some times they come rapid fire 2 or 3 in a row with in a few minutes some times just one or 2 spread out over the course of a day. The computer will bsod 99% of the time when left idle more than a few hours. Some times i will wake in the morning to find that my computer has generated half a dozen new crash dumps. All wayw the same crap most of you are posting. Lost of irq faults related to nostkernl coupled with a few system exception faults and page fault in a non paged area with a seemingly random driver. Every thing from the usb driver to the video card has been called in a dump. I am sending my laptop of for an RMA tomorrow to msi. Has any one figured out what was causing this or actually had the problem solved though an RMA? I also notice that some programs are crashing in the back ground quite frequently, programs that are normally super stable such as team speak 3 and the Logitech gaming control panel. My sound has crashed a few times as well and a restart fixes it.

    All this certainly points to a faulty north bridge IMO nothing else would cause a seemingly random and unpredictable problem for so many people.

    EDIT: I would like to add that I have gone though an unimaginable amount of changing of drivers, bios and firmware. I even opened up the laptop completely disassembled its major components and reseated them with no joy.
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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    Just FYI - the most common BSOD issue with MSI products is due to the Killer Network Manager.
    Here's my canned speech for attempting to fix it. If you would like more help with this, please start your own topic:
    The Qualcomm Atheros Killer Service/KillerNetManager is known to cause BSOD's. Please follow the workaround instructions here:
    First, open the Run dialog (Win + R keys) and type in "services.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter
    Scroll down and locate the "Qualcomm Atheros Killer Service" and right click on it. Select "Stop"
    Right click on it again and this time select "Properties"
    In the dropdown box for "Startup type", select "Disabled", then click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the window

    Next, open Task Manager (right click on TaskBar and select "Task Manager")
    Click on the "More details" dropdown (if present)
    Click on the "Startup" tab
    Scroll down and locate the "KillerNetManager" entry, right click on it and select "Disable"
    There may also be an Install Shield (with the Killer gaming K next to it), if so Right click on it and select "Disable"
    Finally, restart the system in order for the changes to take affect.
    At times the Killer Network Manager will continue to load. If so, it's usually listed in the MSINFO32...Software Environment...Startup Programs section. If it is, please try this:
    It may be that the instructions aren't stopping everything.
    In some cases, there's a program running out of the Program Files/Program Files (x86) directory.
    "c:\program files\qualcomm atheros\killer network manager\killer~1.exe" (NOTE: killer~1.exe is most likely killernetmanager.exe)
    In other cases, there's a program running out of c:\windows\installer\{Long string of letters, numbers, and dashes}\networkmanager.exe_130c27d738f34c89bddf21bcfd74b56d.exe (the long string of letters and numbers may change)

    Here's some things to try
    1) Please see if there are any entries in the Startup tab of Task Manager that are related to Qualcomm/Atheros/Killer Network Manager (and NOT the card itself) and disable them (please let us know what you find) Be careful as the wrong selection can disable the network card.
    2) Check in "msconfig" for any entries that aren't in the Startup tab of Task Manager. Let us know if you find any Qualcomm/Atheros/Killer entries there (we'll disable them differently if they are there).
    3) Locate the "c:\program files\qualcomm atheros\killer network manager\killer~1.exe" and rename the .exe to .BAD (the killer~1 is actually a filename that starts with killer and ends with .exe) There will be an error in event viewer, but it'll stop the bugger from loading.
    4) Locate the "c:\windows\installer\{Long string of letters, numbers, and dashes}\networkmanager.exe_130c27d738f34c89bddf21bcfd74b56d.exe" entry and rename the last .exe to .BAD (the long string of letters and numbers may change)

    Just FYI - here are the MSI workaround instructions: MSI USA
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    Windows 8/Windows 8.1

    @TheSoprano - Hi there,

    If you would like you can review the steps that I took to correct my issues. (GT70 Dragon Edition 2 BSOD inconsistent BSOD issues)

    I had three issues with the laptop. First was buggy software from a transitioning company. Qualcomm is not the creator of the Killer Network manager or their components. There was a painful transition time between the time that it was with it's original creator, BigFoot Networks and the new owner, Qualcomm. The Qualcomm page, MSI and KillerNetwork Gaming all seemed to have different versions of the software that was throwing the versioning out of sequence when compared to the date of release. It was often confusing and several users created their own packages that did not include any of the killer software and just the system drivers.

    However, this is no longer the case. MSI removed all of the older drivers in mid-January, KillerGaming was shut down on January 1st, 2014 and the only company maintaining the drivers now is Qualcomm - coupled with the latest MSI BIOS and EC Firmware updates, the drivers work flawlessly even with the Killer Network app installed.

    My second issue was that I use my laptop for both gaming and business. I do a lot of work using VMWare virtual machines. There was a known issue with enabling the USB layer within virtual machines running in VMWare 10 which is required for Windows 8.1. This has since been resolved by an update from VMWare.

    My third issue was that my Logitech wireless mouse dongle (the transmitter) was broken and intermittently causing blue screens when the Logitech manager was installed. After I uninstalled the Logitech manager, my laptop would simply restart without warning. I was able to reproduce the same behavior on a workstation when I plugged the dongle into my other computer. Simple fix - replace the mouse.
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    windows 7

    I have run both versions of the stand alone network drivers as well as several version of official driver package versions. The bios and firmware have been flashed to at least half a dozen different version even a custom one I paid to have made to I can check the advance settings. I dont use any VM software. I have run on one stick of known good ram in each of the different slots. I have tried different peripherals including changing out my mouse with 2 others and 2 different monitors on 3 different cable types. I have even tried several different sets of headphones and usb keyboards. 4 different hard drives have been tried and both windows 7 and 8 has been tried with the same results. I have even left the computer just sitting there with absolutely nothing plugged in to it and it will crash with in a few hours.
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BSOD while playing on msi gt70 dragon edition 2
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