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2x BSOD after updating Windows 8 to 8.1

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    It's not Lenovo fault.

    It is good now that I see no new crash dumps are included but Freeride games is still installed.

    X5XSEx_Pr148 X5XSEx_Pr148 Kernel 02.08.2012 14:51:27

    In addition, I suggest that you either upgrade to Windows 8.1 or wipe the machine and install Windows 7, with the latter being the choice way to go (for me that is - my opinion is that Windows 7 makes Windows 8(.1) look like a toy.)

    If you upgrade to 8.1, install all latest drivers from Lenovo for it.

    I also cannot stress the importance enough of uninstalling any 3rd party antivirus from the machine and then using the removal tool for it after.

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    Windows 8.1

    Okay thanks

    This time they repaired the faulty Windows 8 software

    and replaced a faulty hard drive

    that games software is now removed along with some other pre-installed software

    the pre-installed McAfee antivirus was removed as soon as I started the computer, then the removal tool used and finally CCleaner used - there is no antivirus on the computer now

    Windows 8.1 is now installed - having first removed all baggage software and no software installed by me - both external drives were disconnected for installation - installation was carried out with almost bare-bones windows 8

    I had previously downloaded all Windows 8.1 drivers from Lenovo but I have a problem installing these!

    The automatic selected installation place is D: but windows 8.1 says "there is no such place or is inaccessible" Which is probably correct because this is where the installed Windows 8 Recovery is!

    I am assuming that 8.1 is installed in C: and I have to change the path - but I am not sure -or sure of the exact path I need to put in - so I have left this for the moment

    I just did a sfc /scannow just to be sure = no problems

    So do I still install the Lenovo (7x) drivers - and where too - and what is exact path ?


    back in restore Windows 8 !!!

    called lenovo support who called repair department to inquire what they had done with drive

    They say automatic Windows 8.1 update had gone wrong - made an install mistake - and had not created a drive D: so I had to restore and start all over again!!!

    but I have started all over again!!!!!
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    Are you interested in knowing what I would do to the machine if it was given to me? It involves deleting all partitions and forgetting all about Lenovo and their suppport now and in the future.

    That might be a difficult choice for you to make, so I understand. Basically, I'm giving you an option available to you that you never had before, if you are interested in it.

    Again basically, the idea is to procure a clean hash-checked 8.1 ISO, burn it or put it on bootable USB. Boot to the DVD or USB and when you get to the part where it asks you where to install to, click Advanced or whatnot and delete all partitions until the hard drive is completely unallocated space. Then tell Windows installer to install to the hard drive and then on you go to success.

    You obviously will not have a system image on the hard drive to restore from in the future, but what you can do is clone the hard drive to another media, once the system is setup well and perfect. This way, if there is ever a problem you can not fix, just simply clone back to the hard drive from the one you've made and case solved once again.
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    Windows 8.1

    Okay, thanks again. I am listening!

    I am extremely limited in resources - on the one side financially (reason I have bought such a cheap - and apparently very bad computer) - and on the other side in technical capability/nohow.

    But I am listening - and reconsidering my options!

    On Lenovo instructions I restored W8 and then started all over again with W8.1 installation - and wasted several more hours (and high phone costs) - because it just installed like the first time (as shown above).

    Probably the drivers should install into C: - although a drive D: is today shown (wasn't yesterday) but is listed as a "removable" + "no media" ?????

    But why there are so many partitions (and recovery partitions) is beyond my technical capabilities/understanding !!!!????!!!!

    So what are my options?

    Well so far Windows 8.1 is running without any problems - and I have installed some of my software - and still okay and as long as it stays like that I should perhaps do nothing (leave driver install alone) - after months of this I really need to use my computer now!!

    There are also other options if (fingers crossed) problems arise again.

    There is your above suggestion - and I have found a German website that tells you how to download and install W8.1 ISO - so this is a possibility - although it sounds a bit complicated. Only I would prefer to leave the W8 restore intact - or at least - if I am capable/have know how - make a DVD copy of this !!!???!!

    Or I could buy an OEM version of Windows 7 Professional (should be good enough - although I could try for the Ultimate OEM version if really needed). Once again I would prefer to leave the W8 restore intact - or at least - if I capable/know how - make a DVD copy of this !!!???!!

    But for the moment I perhaps leave the Windows 8.1 alone.

    a just done sfc /scannow has not shown any problems
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    Windows 8.1

    I am closing this!

    It took several months, a lot of time and trouble, and costs, before I finally got this problem solved - before I finally got LENOVO and their "Repair" ???? department MEDION ???? and their Service Department ????? to find and resolve this problem.

    After they sent the computer back "repaired" (when in fact they had done almost nothing) and I had to immediately send it back as "un-repaired" they finally did something and replaced the Memory drive - since than I have been able to update to Windows 8.1 and the computer runs just fine!

    The Service/Repair (and the computer make?) of Lenovo is extremely bad - all I can say is - stay away!
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2x BSOD after updating Windows 8 to 8.1
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