This time keyboard driver seems to be updated properly.

Lycosa.sys                  Thu Feb 28 10:20:03 2013 (512EE1FB)
Razer Lycosa/Razer Tarantula Keyboard Driver.  Older versions have BSOD issues with Win7
Also chipset drivers are updated so obviously they are not the problem here. Let us check for possible hardware issues.

1. Complete the malware scan as requested.

2. Reset system BIOS.
How To Clear CMOS (Reset BIOS)
After resetting, load default values in BIOS. This is to make sure none of the critical settings are intentionally or non intentionally changed.

Adjust RAM timings manually.

According to the official specs, 9-9-9-27 is the tested and recommended timing for your memory.


4. Reapply CPU thermal paste.

Your CPU seems to be running on abnormal temperature.


AMD A10-6800K: 64 C
Richland 32nm Technology
64 C is not the max temperature but your CPU shouldn't be running on that temp in idle stage. If the temp is 64 in idle stage, it will cross 70 when under load. I suspect some cooling issues with your system.

First make sure all system fans are working fine and nothing prevents airflow inside the cabinet. I highly recommend adding some extra cooling fans to ease the airflow. Whether the BSOD is related to overheating or not, this will greatly improve the life of all system components.

If necessary, remove and reapply the old CPU thermal compound. Make sure to use a high quality thermal paste like "Arctic Silver Premium".

Arctic Silver 5 Premium High Density Silver Thermal Paste Compound Grease 12g | eBay

How to properly apply thermal compound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...&v=trNQynvFjSU

After following the above steps, please post a new "Speccy" snapshot to verify the changes. Also report whether you can fin a pattern in the crashes (ie, how much time system works without crashing, if the BSOD can be invoked by doing some specific task etc) .