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WHEA Uncorrectable Error, ntoskrnl.exe+5a440 Please Help?

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    WHEA Uncorrectable Error, ntoskrnl.exe+5a440 Please Help?

    Hello, I am in desperate need of assistance. I have tried updating all drivers etc, (hoping I got the right ones), ran all windows updates, have replaced a CPU cooling fan and NorthBridge fan but I don't believe temperatures are my problem.

    Am kind of a noob with Computers so please bear with me and I will try to do the checks you suggest if I can understand them.

    I am hoping my computer information is in my sig but this is my first post here.

    Here is my dump file. Thank you for your time.

    EDIT: The boot failures from 11/29/2013 can be disregarded as I had a problem from disconnecting a second drive. Also, I refreshed Windows on 11/29 but now it says files are missing and I cannot complete the refresh without BSOD.

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    Please post a "Speccy" snapshot of your system. Read this guide for step by step instructions - Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - Internet Applications Mini-Guides

    Don't paste the output of "Speccy" here. What we need is the web link it displays.
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    Thank you for helping me. Here is the URL to my Speccy snapshot.
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    Your PC seems to be very old to run "Windows 8" so compatibility might be an issue here. "Windows Vista" is the latest Windows version officially compatible with your board. Please try the below steps.

    1. Update system BIOS.

    Download and update version 0701 of the BIOS from

    2. Remove incompatible drivers.

    Please uninstall Realtek AC97 audio and Intel LAN driver completely from the system. Current versions are not designed for this platform.

    RTKVAC64.SYS Fri Jun 19 01:07:20 2009 (4A3A9770)
    Realtek AC '97 audio

    E1G6032E.sys Wed Mar 24 02:38:16 2010 (4BA92DC0)
    Intel Ethernet

    In my knowledge there is no "Windows 8" drivers available for these. So you should buy either USB or PCI sound and LAN adapters (if Windows 8 really works in the system).

    If the BSOD continues after following the above steps, you should downgrade the OS as a test. We need to confirm whether the issue is caused by compatibility problems or not.
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    Windows 8 Pro

    Thank You, I will try your suggestions.
    Also, I have been running Windows Eight successfully for at least 9 months. Problems have only began in the last couple weeks. I refreshed my install last week so that is probably why it looks like a recent install. I also ran 7 for a couple years prior to upgrading to 8.

    I will report back as soon as I get a chance to try your suggestions.
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WHEA Uncorrectable Error, ntoskrnl.exe+5a440 Please Help?
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