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Lenovo K450 Win8 Frequent BSOD

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    USAMA, thank you for your time!

    Let me bring you up to date on what tests I am running.

    I have two nearly identical machines, a Lenovo K430 and Lenovo K450. The only difference between them is the K430 uses a Gen3 I7 and the K450 uses a Gen4 I7. Both machine run Windows 8 64-bit.

    The K430 does not exhibit the frequent crashes my K450 is experiencing. When I swapped RAM on the K450, I was borrowing from the K430. No change with the new RAM, and installed RAM passed >22 hrs of stress testing without failure.

    After a clean install of WIN8 on the K450, I was again having frequent crashes within two hours, some less than an hour apart.

    So, I moved the K450 HDD with fresh WIN8 install to my K430, and have been running it crash free for nearly 40 hours now.

    So, it was not the RAM, not the HDD, and not the video card.

    What does that leave? Main Board, CPU, and Power Supply? Am I missing anything?

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    Win8.1Pro - Finally!!!

    What happens when you try the K430 HDD in the K450? (it'll probably crash there also)

    What stress test did you use on the RAM?
    If you haven't tried Prime95, please do so now.
    It stresses the memory differently than MemTest - and it also stresses the CPU cache and memory controller

    Please confirm that you have tried a new video card in the K450 and that it still crashes.

    Then, please run the rest of the diagnostics from here: Hardware Diagnostics
    You can skip the hard drive test and the MemTest - but still need to run the rest of the tests (to include the video stress tests - as they can also affect other components). Also, even though Prime95 test some components in the CPU - the CPU stress test is still needed.

    This can be caused by any component in a system. A long, long time ago I troubleshot BSOD's on my son's system.
    We had a power surge, so I was pretty sure it was damaged hardware.
    It turns out that the surge fried a component that we weren't even using (the dialup modem) - and that damage caused the system to behave erratically.

    What is the make/model and age of your Power Supply? How much stuff do you have plugged into the system (hard drives/cards/memory sticks/fans/etc)? A rough test is to remove a lot of the non-essential components (that draw power) and see if that makes it longer between BSOD's. Another way to test is with a new PSU (purchase it from a place that accepts returns - so that you can get your money back if it's not needed).

    IMO the mobo is the most likely cause here (presuming that you've run Prime95 and the CPU stress tests) - but there are no 100% accurate motherboard tests. That means you'd have to replace the motherboard in order to see if that's the problem. What I suggest is that (after doing all the hardware tests above) then you try this procedure: Hardware Stripdown Troubleshooting
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    Update: After contacting Lenovo again and referring them to this thread, and discussing all tests performed, they sent me a third replacement PC, and this unit has been functioning flawlessly for several weeks now. The defective units were returned to Lenovo.

    A special thanks to all who offered advice and assistance to help me resolve these issues!
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    Thanks for the update mate. Happy computing
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Lenovo K450 Win8 Frequent BSOD
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