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Getting BSOD with different error everytime(after playing)

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    Getting BSOD with different error everytime(after playing)

    I started getting BSOD errors after playing games (Dota 2) a month ago. Its a different error every time and I cant seem to find a fix. Here are some I wrote down/remember: System bad service, Kernel security check fail, Bad pool caller, page fault in non paged area. Most of the times, before crashing, all the graphics on the monitor glitches (black stripes and boxes, and other glitches) and the sound goes crazy static noise. I play game called Dota 2 a lot, I play one match, and after that one match is finished I try to play another one, but after the loading screen into next match there is glitchy graphic everywhere. Textures are glitching, main menu is glitching and its unplayable. So I quit the game and when I start the game again OR when I go do some other stuff (internet)/play other games the computer "restarts" (BSOD) with one of the errors I wrote above.
    I have Notebook HP ProBook 4740s which is a gaming notebook, so I dont think theres a problem with that.
    If you have any other questions, I will more than gladly answer them if it can solve my problem!
    Please help
    Thank you, Jonas

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    BSOD's were caused by different processes indicating that you might have bad RAM memory since every time you run a program, it will first load into RAM and run from it.

    1. Please download memtest from: Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool .Burn it to a USB/CD and reboot to run the test. The test must be run for at least 5 passes unless errors occur before.
    2. For testing purpose. Uninstall Norton completely, you should download a special uninstaller from their website for clean uninstall.
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    So the main problem was that I am an idiot and I didnt clean/vacuum the notebook ventils. After I vacuumed all the holes I found, everything is working perfectly. Learning - Clean your notebook, its more important than it looks.
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    Be very, very careful when using a vacuum on a computer.
    The nozzle of the vacuum builds up a static charge that can damage the electronics inside the case.

    I suggest using canned air to clean it out (don't use an air compressor as the high pressure air can damage things also).

    Good luck!
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Getting BSOD with different error everytime(after playing)
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