I purchased this laptop on summer with Windows 8 included and used the same license number to activate the iso that I had to download because my laptop was working wrong from the beginning and both Asus and Microsoft are just crooks selling bad products and awful assistance. Both of them. That is why I had to try to find the solution myself via dangerous copy from the internet, which I trusted because it had thousands of downloads and comments.

Microsoft doesn't provide the iso because they want money out of everything.

If we discuss piracy, then Microsoft and the US Government have to let us know what they are doing with our privacy, our personal data and our fundamental civil and human rights, because they are both, Microsoft, the USA, Google and all of those american companies the real pirates, crooks and criminals here. This is the biggest crime against humanity known since WWII and still have the nerve to accuse of piracy to humble users who need a computer to work, pay for their license, the product is defective and still they dare to deny the right to repair it.

What a joke and what a cynical people.

To the person behind, thank you very much, to the Microsoft employee, go to hell.

Sorry if I go too far in my anger, but this is absolutely intolerable, we can't accept this without rebelling and fighting, and this is the least I can do and say against the abuse of your criminal companies and your criminal Government.