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Win 8 BSOD : BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO (Details available)SOS

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    windows 8 pro X64

    Win 8 BSOD : BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO (Details available)SOS

    Hi everyone,
    New EightForums user/totalNoob here. I will refrain from getting side tracked and sticking to a concise way of writing, probably. (Also,i am not angry while writing this(actually pretty relaxed right now), only will make remarks towards the silliness and often absurd and stupid functioning of WINDOWS 8.)

    Soooo, iv'e had this laptop for almost a year now. And i am a littlleeee tech savvy, meaning that i can find my way through most problems and by digging for required info online. (which is why i never joined any tech/supporting forums, etc. (up until today) .

    Following is the chain of events that led me to this error:

    I woke up today, went to the laptop, browsed around & did some other stuff.

    Then i, being the genius that i am, get an idea to tweak some random settings on my "SYSTEM CONFIGURATION" window.
    -SO, i open SYS CONFIG .
    -Go to "BOOT" tab .
    -Then to "ADVANCED SETTINGS" and Ended up changing 2 settings, if i remember correctly.
    -One was the "NUMBER OF PROCESSORS",i put it to max (8) and the second i believe was "MAXIMUM RAM" which i only clicked the 'check box' and left the Amount to the usual one.

    And as most people may know, After clicking "OK" on the SYS CONFIG window, it prompts you to restart the system to apply the settings. ( which i did, since im a good boy).

    And then BAMMMMMMMMMMM i get the "SMILEY FACE"

    For the first hour, i kept trying to press all function keys individually. F2 gives me the "SAMSUNG RECOVERY". So Does F4 i think. And F8, THE MAJESTIC KEY THAT NEVER F*****G WORKS.

    Also, i have tried pressing SHIFT+F8, clicking it, Holding it down, i even increased the time to press the keys from the BIOS config page.

    My Primary Mission was to somehow get my hands on the ELUSIVE SAFE MODE. But it seems IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!!!! I wanted to do so because i think selecting Safe mode automatically changes the sys config to a pre-determined setting for safe mode. BUT OH LOOK! WINDOWS 8 IS SO SLICK THAT YOU CANT EVEN FIND SAFE MODE, BECAUSE IT DOESN'T LOOK COOL Nobody here can tell me that i pressed the wrong key, or i didn't press enough, or i didn't press the right combination of keys.

    the Laptop is Basically STUCK ON A REBOOT LOOP. ( comes on, shows error, Makes a pathetic attempt of "COLLECTION INFO" goes to 100%, OFF Again, and the cycle continues.)

    ALSO -> My laptop is completely "F****D in the *SS", as the french say, so i can, in NO WAY MAKE A "REPAIR DISK IMAGE AND PUT IT ON A USB" Because the BSOD appears right after the COMPANY LOGO (first visible thing after turning system ON). And i DO NOT have a Windows 8 installation disc, because this laptop is of samsung, and came with - PRE-INSTALLED WINDOWS 8 64 BIT PRO EDITION - and they didn't give me a disc, because "SAMSUNG SUPPORT/RECOVERY WILL FIX ALL ERRORS, THEY SAID". ( It didn't).

    Following are my system specs, or whatever i can see on my Bios screen right now.(i am on my friend's laptop).




    Also, i would like to add my opinion on how stupid the whole "Power on to Desktop Appearing" Process really is. It is one thing to make it look "Slick" and "futuristic", But it is so annoying and stupid when a user can't even find Which keys to press on the boot window or anywhere else, if possible. And i think there really hasn't been any visible change(improvement) in how Systems boot up. Well it might be faster, but i dont care about it being faster if it gets completely destroyed by such a simple 'error'. lol.

    I REALLY APPRECIATE ANYONE WHO TRIES TO HELP ME WITH THIS PROBLEM (i have spend almost 10 hours on it already, hahah F M L).

    ( ALSO I JUST ENDED UP PIRATING A WIN 8 64 bit INSTALLATION ISO ( thanks to samsung for not providing me with a disc) (WHICH WOULD BE VERY COOL, TOO). in hopes of maybe being able to recover my baby from the other side.

    Much love xoxoxoxo? ..yea..

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    windows 8 pro X64

    UPDATE : Just finished downloading the -PIrated Win 8 copy- //// copied it over to my FLASH DRIVE with a software, Connected it to my laptop, BOOTED with it, Used the Command PROMPT to ENABLE my ((( SHIFT+F8 for SAFE MODE KEY), Which Worked, AS i pressed it, the WINDOW BOOT MANAGER page opened up.

    .... BUTTTTT SURPRISE !!! There is only "windows 8" and "Run Memory Diagnostics" OPTION to choose from in the (Shift+f8 window), NO Safe mode/ or safe mode with Command Prompt Or Safe Mode with Networking.

    IMMA try run some More commands for making the SAFE MODE appear, Hopefully and desperately !. Will keep updating ..... as more roadblocks keep popping up .. <3 Yolo !

    EDIT :: After Pressing Shift+f8, I should not have forgotten to press F8 again, for advanced boot options lol . my bad.

    (main problem still not fixed)
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    Please try rebuilding the BCD (Boot Configuration Data). Probably it will solve your issue.

    How To Rebuild the BCD in Windows
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    windows 8 pro X64

    Hi Anshad,

    I just followed the steps you gave me.,

    But i am stuck on the SIXTH Step, the one which requires me to input this command --> attrib c:\boot\bcd -h -r -s

    it says : Path not found - c:\boot :

    Any idea what i might need to add to it ?
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    windows 8 pro X64

    Also, while i am at it (since 12 hours straight,lol) Is it possible that i could ask you an off-topic question ?

    Would you know what command i can type into the CMD to find my WIN 8 Product Key ? i am Recovering my ORIGINAL Windows, but i "CAN NOT ENTER THE DESKTOP"/ Get Past the BSOD .. And i dont want to be stuck with a pirated Copy

    I even checked for a sticker or something under the laptop, and even looked under the battery after ejecting it. To no avail
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    Your laptop came with UEFI GPT partition scheme which stores BCD in a hidden EFI system partition. Rebuilding BCD on a GPT partition is tricky as it involves using DISKPART to mount the hidden partition etc. Honestly i am not familiar with that procedure so i recommend asking for help in General Support - Windows 8 Forums

    Your questions will be better answered there.
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    windows 8 pro X64

    i thought you might have gone to bed, since its already past midnight. So i tried simply installing another windows 8 on my system.

    BUTTTTTTTTT, i am getting another roadblock : after inputting the Serial key, and Choosing "UPGRADE", i am getting the Following "Compatibility Report"

    "The computer started using the windows installation media. Remove the installation media and restart your computer so that Windows starts normally. Then, insert the installation media and restart the upgrade. [Do not select | Custom [advanced]| to perform an upgrade." ...

    Have you any clue about this ?
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    "upgrade" installation can only be done after booting to the desktop so it is not an option in your current situation.

    Instead of rebuilding BCD, you can try editing the BCD to delete the changes you made. I found a nice video tutorial on how to do that.

    How to Fix BSOD Bad System Config Info 0x00000074 - YouTube

    That video tutorial is for standard MBR partitioned disks and not for UEFI so i am not sure whether it works for you.

    Another option is to use the BCDBOOT command to replace the corrupted BCD with the backup copy stored inside the "Windows" folder.

    Repair Windows 8 EFI Bootloader | Xathrya Sabertooth (ignore last commands to enable Hyper-V).
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    windows 8 pro X64

    Hi again Anshad, i tried several different CMD entries last night,but was up working on this problem for like 15 hours, so i finally just installed the windows on C drive. Saved everything from the old OS to the WINWOWS.OLD folder, and managed to keep every thing intact .... pretty much haha.

    Just had to move many software files around to their locations, as well as other personal files stored there, and everything looks good now. (except that i find my old Chrome bookmark file, because my appdata folder is still to be found , but ill fix this soon )

    Thanks again for the help!, much appreciated.
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    Like you Elnoobus I usually look on the internet to find a fix for this problem but today i make an account. Also like you i played around with my boot settings and got this error. Even more like you I got a Samsung Notebook, NP355V5C - S04AU. Now Just asking do we need a cd because I do not have one as i am a Samsung user and will i lose everything. I computer specs are
    OS Windows 8.1
    Computer Samsung NP355V5C SO4AU
    Processor AMD A4 2.7 (runs at 3.2)
    Graphic card dual 7670 +7560 Radeon
    Ram 4GB
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Win 8 BSOD : BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO (Details available)SOS
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